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Just had a call from the hospital...oh Lordy!!

i have been asked to go for a heart scan on Thursday and then my 1st Cardioversion on Friday!! That's it I won't sleep now for worrying. I am such a worrier and I imagine the worst thing that can happen will happen to me!! I have taken great comfort from all you lovely people have said about cardio but now that it's gonna happen......aaargh!! Pathetic I know but ant tips on recovery etc would be appreciated. Thank you..Patricia.

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Hi Gemini

It's a doddle and that comes from someone who always says in response to "are you allergic to anything" I reply "Yes pain"

Tips on recovery? don't try and run home from the hospital, the walk will be fine...

No seriously there is no recovery time, you will feel great as soon as the happy juice wears off, which was pretty quick for me

Promise you on Saturday you will post "I don't know why I made a fuss."

Be well



Thank you Ian - just hope I'm still here on Saturday to say that...see what I mean!! Allergic to pain...ha ha!! Patricia.


It's the unknown that causes the worry. The heart scan is no problem. You will have seen them doing a pregnancy scan on TV. Well it's exactly like that but it's round your chest.

You are knocked out for the cv. It's very routine. One afternoon I had an appointment with my Cardiologist and have told me that he'd done 6 that morning.

You'll be fine. Let us know how you get on.


Thanks Jennydog....I will let you know how I get on....I am having positive thoughts.

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Jennydog, you are probably thinking of echocardiograms that use ultrasound waves, that are also utilized in pregnancy exams. Scans, use X-rays and therefore are avoided in pregnancies.


someone who joined out support group in Epsom told me a funny story about his experience recently and I'm sure he won't mind me passing it on .

He was on holiday in Spain and went into Af and the hospital decided, after some time, to cardiovert him.

They explained the procedure and told him they would give him something to calm him him down before they went ahead.

He had the injection and spent the next couple of hours admiring the cleanliness and efficiency of the hospital. After a while he started to get a bit impatient as no-one seemed to be coming to tell him when the cardioversion would be done.

In the end, after being patient for as long as he could, he called the nearest clinician over, "I'm geyting a bit fed up of waiting ,' he said, "can you find out when I'm having my cardioversion?"

"Oh that was done a couple of hours ago," replied the clinician!

So I think Ian is on the right lines!!


Aw Rosy that made me laugh! Thank you for that! Hope the sleepy stuff is as good in Scotland as it is in Spain. Patricia.


Hi Gemini

I am such a worrier too, why do we do it to ourselves, I can't seem to get things off my mind when having AF episodes, worrying whether I may have a heart attack, but you're getting great advice here and I'm sure all will be fine.

Keep thinking positive thoughts.

All the very best to you. X


Thank you Kimmieblue....I am having positive thoughts right now...when I get to bed is the problem...things always seem worse during the night. Anyway I'm sure I'll be ok....Afib is a blooming nuisance - hope I get a bit of relief after cardio. Patricia.


Oh Kimmieblue -that's me all over! I'm such a worrier and imagine all the bad things that I'm sure will happen to me. I know it's silly but I can't help it. This site is so reassuring. My EP has offered me an ablation and when I feel ready I have to contact him -oh dear! Will I ever feel ready!


Hi Jenbo

I was exactly the same, I made myself have the ablation and I have to say the worries never went away!!

Now three ablations down the line, (and they were really no problem at all) I'm still in AF and flutter (and still worrying!!).

So what's next? Well I have to wear a tape again and keep a food diary as it may be the vagus nerve that causes flutter which in turn brings on the AF.

I'm exactly like you though and everything worries me.

What will become of us? Worrying gets us nowhere and still we do it, we can't seem to stop ourselves, I think it's a way of life for us and we have to accept that and take the great advice we get from the lovely people on this site.

Be strong and go for the ablation, it could change your life and you could feel so much better but you won't know unless you have it.

All the best Jenbo. X


I'll have a 'brave' day soon and get in touch with EP! I know that's what I should do but as I only have an average of four episodes a month which last about two hours, I'm concerned that post ablation my 'angry' heart may be worse for a while than it is now - see, worrying about something that might not happen! I'm my own worst enemy. Thanks for your encouragement Kimmieblue.


Did you see the post on this site today re hypnotherapy. It might help you and it was very interesting.


Yes Ĺallym I have seen it...thank you. Patricia.


Hi Gemini52. We are in the same boat. I got the call to go for a pre-med on Thursday and the Cardioversion on Saturday. This will be my second one so I have no worries, having been there before. I've had AF treatment in Scotland as well as down here in the south and the slleepy juice is equally good both sides of the Border! I'll be thinking of you....hope you feel so much better afterwards.



Hi David.....thank you for your reassurance....I'll post and let you know how it goes...I wish I was like you and had experience of cv but I'll just go with the flow and try and keep calm. Hope yours goes well and you feel great soon! Patricia.


A heart scan and cardioversion are totally painless. They take only several minutes to be performed. You will need to have somebody drive you home after cardioversion, because you will feel a little sleepy from the short term anesthetic they use for the cardioversion.


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