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I have been on adizem for about two years and I also have a cardio loop fitted I have taken yesterday and today of cause of my heart the last time I was off work was September last year I go to the hospital for a reading from my cardio loop but never get to see the cardiologist . Can you suggest to the cardiologist that I may need a pacemaker I have had a test for cardio conversion but I don't need it there is no damage or illness to my heart I am worried about my job due to this condition work are aware that I have a heart problem . Feeling down and upset at the moment . Pete

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Hi Peter and welcome

Not sure I full understand your post, you are on adizem (diltiazem here in the UK) which is a calcium channel blocker and therefore reduces your heart rate, and you have an implanted? cardio loop to measure for what? have you suffered from fainting? or palpitations?

And then do not understand a "test for cardioversion" Cardioversion is a procedure which tries to bring back a heart from an arrythmia to normal sinus rhythm by electrical shock, there is not usually a test for this, unless you are referring to your INR blood test as most people have to be anti-coagulated prior to a cardioversion. Plus this procedure has nothing to do with underlying heart damage it's solely concerned with rhythm.

Hear you that you are down and upset, AF gets us all that way, and you should be seeing your cardiologist not merely a nurse or similar, but don't go down the pacemaker route unless you fully understand the implications, and possibly exactly what your diagnosis is, it's a fine treatment, but usually one of nearly last resort.

Be well



I have a irregular and ectopic heartbeat I have at least 20 000 ectopic a day and the cardio loop has been fitted to monitor but every so often I can feel the heart speed up and this makes me feel lighted headed and sickly I have not had a proper diagnosis on what I have got. I have been like this for 2 years and have been admitted to hospital a few times that is why they fitted the cardio loop it has shown j have had a few episodes where j heart has speed up but also when it has slowed down . Pete


I had a electrodes place in the chambers of my heart and they did some tests where they speeded I t up and slowed it down afterwards they said that I didn't need to have a ablation also had a mri scan wich showed damage from previous heart attack in Jan 2012 but they said this had nothing to do with my palpitations or ectopic heartbeat. Pete


Thanks for your replies and advice I don't b fully understand cardio conversion was


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