Ablation on Thursday

It is nearly here now and I am getting very nervous. I had a wisdom too removed on the 2 January, which wasn't a pleasant experience and can't wait to have this behind me too. We are staying in a twin room at the Heart Hospital overnight on the Wednesday and hopefully I will be first on the list on Thursday and go home Friday lunchtime, all being well . Not sure I will sleep much before and sure to go into AF before the procedure through nerves.

Any tips on what to take would be very much appreciated.

I'll let you know how I get on :)

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  • It's absolutely essential to take lip salve or Vaseline. The hospital provide paper knickers but take things like paper hankies. I had a little battery radio with head phones to relieve the boredom of lying still for 4 hours after the ablation. Hospital food is horrid so some cereal bars and drinks would be useful.

    I promise that it won't be as bad as tooth extraction. I had no pain and no bruising.

    Good luck.

  • Thank you Jenny, lip salve packed and will get some snacks to take with me.

    Bella :)

  • Hi Jenny, I think I'm missing something - why is lip salve or Vaseline essential please? I'm waiting for my 1st ablation myself (probably a few months off yet) so am interested to know more please.

    Many thanks


  • Hi Caroline, I had an ablation with general anaesthetic last August. I had no pain and no bruising. You have to lie still for 4hrs post-op. My lips became terribly dry - was it the anaesthetic ? - and even though I could reach the water next to me it was a continuing and uncomfortable problem. The nurses couldn't find anything to help either as they'd run out of Vaseline. Several others reported subsequently that Vaseline was an essential requirement.

    Best wishes for your ablation.

  • Frankly I would rather have the ablation that the wisdom tooth job. Just take time to recover. two weeks at least and do be aware that you will get some episodes for three to six months as the heart forms the scar tissue and settles down so don't panic. Hospitals don't always tell you that. You will be fine. Jenny is right on being prepared as that four hours seems like a lifetime but I don't agree on the food. Royal Brompton catering was great provided you didn't inherit somebody else's choice. LOL Don't forget when you are leaving to fill out the menu card in the most bizarre way possible such as fish with cheese sauce or banana split with gravy to get your own back. . LOL


    PS I did this once and due to a relapse had to eat it. DOH!

  • Thanks Bob, have taken 2 weeks off work The advice and personal experiences on this site in recent months has been my saviour :)


  • I'll bet your tooth removal will be worse than the ablation! It goes by much faster once we are there!

    I tried to work up until the last minute the day before, and that was a mistake for me! I found being able to wind down, was important. The feeling that at last someone might be able to fix the AF became a total release and I was exhausted when I let go !

    Keep us posted on how you do, wishing you the best.

  • Last day of work is Tuesday so have a day to prepare although I think keeping busy would keep my mind off things. Will definitely keep you posted as I have found others experiences so helpful.


  • That is what I thought as I am a workhorse. In the end I did a slow melt-down! It was a good thing, as I said I think it was the exhaustion of holding it together for so long¨!

    Follow whatever your instincts tell you!

  • I agree tooth extraction is much much worse so dont be worried. A quick

    blast or two of Rescue Remedy will calm the nerves, try it. Definately need

    the lip salve and tissues and bottle of water which the staff will keep in the

    fridge for you I also took a banana. Hope all goes well. Shirley.

  • A friend gave me a hospital rescue pack containing Bach Rescue remedy pastilles. Are these OK to take with medication?

    Bella :)

  • Yes, no interaction. Good idea.

  • Good luck for Thursday Bella. Will be thinking of you and waiting for news. X

  • Thank you jeanjeannie

  • Good luck Bella, will be waiting for your post next week x

  • Good luck! Let us know how you get on

  • I've had two, one 9 years ago and another last year. The first under sedation and latest under GA. Both were a walk in the park and I'm not just saying that to make you feel better, they really were. They thought I might have had a slight infection in the groin wound on the first one, so kept me in for a day till they were sure it was OK. I felt amazing after both which I assume was the drugs. With the one done under sedation I was a bit worried, who wouldn't be, but I felt as calm as a cucumber and time flew by, again amazing drugs. I felt a bit of pain when they started ablating, I remember groaning and immediately hearing the word "morphine", next thing I woke up in bed.

    All the best for Thursday and hope they fix your AF.

    Koll :-)

  • Thank you Koll, I am having a GA as don't think I would be brave enough under sedation. Where did you have yours?

  • Don't let anyone think you are less than brave if you choose to have GA. What matters is what's right for you, not what other people think or choose.

  • Best of luck, I have mine in just over a week, and nervous too. Thanks for posting, I will also use the tips

  • Good luck to you both. I am still on the never ending waiting list which is giving me time to get more and more nervous but I know it will all be fine as so many people say on here. Look forward to hearing how you get on x

  • Good luck Bella.

    Remember, We want all the details when you're feeling up to it!


  • Good luck. You will be fine xx

  • Good Luck, I'm sure you'll be fine. I had mine on Dec 5th. Take it easy afterwards though. I still have 'off' days where I feel completely pole axed. As someone on here said 'be kind to yourself'.

  • Best wishes for what should hopefully improve your life immensely:) i had my first ablation in Oct 2014. I was extremely nervous before mine as I tend to focus far too much on what might go wrong...i am the eternal risk assessor!!!! Anyway...nothing did go wrong, it was a strangely relaxing procedure for me (probably the amazing IV drugs!) and the staff in the higher than high tech cath lab were soooo lovely and reassuring. I felt a bit of pain as Koll above said when the EP was ablating..my pain was in my shoulders..but i also groaned and was given more pain relief which worked instantly. I would advise you to drink plenty before you stand up after the recovery as i fainted when i got up..so take it slowly, have someone with you and drink plenty..and enjoy relaxing and recovering afterwards:)

  • Oh..and PS...i had 2 teeth out in December and found it to be a barbaric experience!!!

  • Hi Bella, I had my first ablation at The Heart in 2009 and stayed 2 nights there as well. I was most impressed with the treatment. I certainly didn't feel the need to take in food. You will not starve and the food was pretty good there anyhow. You may want to take in a water bottle as others suggest but I didn't find drinking a problem with a straw given. Just take in dressing gown, slippers, toiletries and reading matter. All the best, you will be well looked after. Sandra

  • Thank you Sandra, who performed your procedure?

  • Dr Jack McCrea die under Dr Rowlands. I believe they all have a good reputation anyway

    Who is doing yours?

  • Pier Lambaise will be doing my procedure.

  • Thank you all for your kind comments and support. It really does mean a lot to me. Will update you when I can:)

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