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hi all

I am 51 Australian but living in Bahrain in the Middle East. I had an episode of AF two years ago and had cardio version which worked thankfully. have not felt better going to gym four times a week and holding down high pressure job which requires a lot of travel

I have joined so that I can keep up to date and keep this monitored. only concern is that on my last visit with Cardiologist heart beat slightly up and he wants to see me in six rather than 12 months

The only other question that I have if anyone has any thoughts on pradaxa and atacand as the better blocker which I am taking

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My Cardiologist sees me every 6 months. It's better than a 12 month interval. It maintains contact which is important.

Re Pradaxa : I've been on it for 5 months now because my INR was unstable. It needs an acid environment so taking an antacid with it is a bad idea. You have to take 2 capsules each day ie one per 12 hrs. There's no testing so it's fuss-free.

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I think 6 months is the average for general checkups but I make extra appointments according to my situation and whether I need more info.


Hi Micky. From what you say, you are not on a beta blocker. Atacand is something different given for High Blood Pressure. You might check that online (angiotensin receptor blockers). Pradaxa is an anti-coagulant. 6 months is a better option than 12 months if there are concerns.

Be well



Thanks. Phil error on my part I am on concor for. Beta blocker


Welcome to the forum! I have to say you're lucky, I haven't seen my cardiologist since the initial meeting after my first dose of AF. I think maybe I should talk to my doctor, but perhaps that is just how it is in Wales... It sounds as if they have a better grasp of things in Bahrain - keeping track of what's happening is really important.



G'day Mick,

I'm not on either of these drugs so can't comment BUT I would refer you the Australian Government Theraputic Goods Administration health advisory's on Pradaxa, also known as Dabigitran. Suggest you follow this link

No more comment - just form your own opinion !

On the heart rate issue, prior to AF I was constantly around 88 bpm. AF hit and I was recorded at 160 bpm since diagnosis and being put on a beta blocker - Bisoprolol, my heart rate is now steady at 65 bpm. By the way I will not touch these new drugs as I have no problems with Warfarin, but they are ideal for those with problems in dealing with Warfarin. Also important to monitor blood pressure and try and keep it down but given your work outs I would assume you have no problem there. Lived in Australia for most of my life, now in Cornwall, UK.

Good luck.



Thanks john


Sorry Folks meant to say concor for the better blocker. Thanks to all for your input


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