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Hi all,

Hello everyone :)

I just discovered this site, and it's been a real comfort. I've just been diagnosed with Afib. It was found accidentally during my Echo ( up until that point I had been suffering from bouts of sinus Tachycardia so.. Surprising!) That and I had always fancied myself to be a fairly healthy 41 year old. All I think I have been feeling, when not tachycardic, is a fluttery chest which makes me want to cough. Is this Afib?? I'm not complaining mind you... Bit it is is VERY irritating, and I can't sleep. I've noticed that if I try to sleep during these periods, I will inevitably wake up with tachycardia. Anyone have similar experiences?

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  • The cough yes certainly, I have only just been linking it to the AF.

  • Welcome

    The only way to know for sure if you are or not in AF is to take ECG. Many of us have a smartphone app with a device you buy which enables your u to know whether or not you have AF - Kardia (old name Alivecor).

    Taking your pulse can also indicate AF - it will feel irregular - not just fast. You may have fast or slow AF but fast AF does mean your pulse can go very fast.

    AFA has a lot of information on AF - what it is, treatments etc.

    Please ask any questions, have a rant, post about your experiences etc, this is such a friendly and helpful forum.

    Best wishes CD.

  • Yes, I have looked into buying the Kardia device, good to know it works :)

  • Many people find their AF starts during sleep and this may be an indication that you are susceptible to vagal AF. This is when something irritates the vagus nerve - could be food, position ie lying on one side or other or eating a large meal in the body evening, chronic stress etc.

  • Since getting my Fitbit watch I've noticed that as soon as my pulse drops into the 40s I start to get that fluttery feeling or the occasional ectopic. I've cut my bisoprolol from 2.5 to 1.25, but as yet it's made little difference although I think I may stay in the 50s longer. I'll give it another week or so and then maybe ask the GP for advice again.

  • I've noticed with mine that the Fitbit either drops heart rate to the 50s or goes up to 150. This usually coincides with a 'funny' feeling in my chest and indicates I'm having an episode. It doesn't mean my heart is going from 50 to 150 though, just that it's having trouble accurately tracing my pulse (which is irregular and/or variable strength during an attack).

  • I'm big fan of using my Fitbit as well. I know they aren't supposed to be particularly accurate, but it seems to follow trends pretty well, like how my pulse rate responds to medication and dose. Lately at night I have noticed periods in time where it does not record, so I'm not sure if it is losing contact, or if that is how it responds to arythmia.

  • Yes, I sometimes get those patches as well. I've noticed when I'm awake and in AF it still records though, going crazy from 50 to 150 and back again, with very short periods of not recording, so at the moment I think the night patches are simply it losing contact.

  • Thanks for the replies all, it's great to see such a responsive and supportive community! :)

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