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Hi, I'm new here

I was in permanent a fib for over 3 years before being given a cardioversion. Dr told me chance of success was doubtful since I was in a fib so long, but I did get 3 cardios which only gave me a few hours of relief. I then had an ablation which lasted 1 year and another cardio which lasted 1 year. Then back into a fib. So back to the EP for another ablation. This only lasted a about 3 months. More cardios. No luck. I'm now on Propafenone which is working but I 'm always afraid of long term effects of meds and I read the meds are only effective for a 2 or 3 years. Has anyone been on this drug for a long period of time and are there any dangerous side effects? I'm thinking of getting another ablation. Has anyone had success with a third ablation after the first 2 failed?

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I was certainly a lot better after my third ablation.

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Glad you're better after third ablation. I have had two so far. Maybe I'll try it one more time. Do you take a blood thinner? My doctor wants me on Eliquis.


Yes, I take good old Warfarin.

I was hesitant about my third ablation, but am glad I had it. My daughter kept saying I shouldn't have another one and it really made me think, but I desperately wanted to feel normal again.


Will consider a third ablation. I don't like taking anti-afib meds. Don't know safe they are long term.


Taken propafenone for some year All ,ok now I use as a pill in the pocket as it is very sporadic .Clears attacks within 2hrs


I really like to pill in the pocket idea. I mentioned it to my doctor but he didn"t go for the idea for me since I have persistent afib and I would go right back into afib if stopped taking Propafenone but maybe not (who knows) I'm glad you can use this method of controlling your afib instead in being taking it every day.


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