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AF patients meeting Wednesday 7th January

Everyone is welcome to our meeting on Cardioversion- we have a British Heart Arrhythmia Nurse speaking at 5pm in the Post Graduate medical centre , second floor of the Wells Wing, Epsom hospital,on Wednesday 7th. Other dates are on our website Surreyasg.co.uk, and in February our Medical lead, Dr Richard Bogle will talk on the latest research on the effect of lifestyle changes which have reduced AF frequency and intensity. He will also give feedback about our AF detection day - we will be in the Ashley(shopping!) centre on January 23rd for this.Going to be good fun!!

We are having some help from Cardiocity - I think Bob has also used some of their new technology to help find new patients with AF??

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Darned cheek nicking my idea Rosy.LOL Good luck and give my best to Chris. Be aware you will get a few false positives so don't get too excited. I tested 85 people over two days and found about eleven arrhythmias not all AF proved by later 12 lead ecgs. Yes it was fun but very necessary to get the message across.


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I would love to go to that Rosy but it's too far.


perhaps John (Flapjack) will post a summary- he did a good one last time!!???


Good luck Rosie. Wish could get up there, suffering fro written cough and cold which have affected HR. Hoping go back to normal when this virus has gone



Sorry to hear you are not well Eileen- hope it clears soon and HR returns to normal.

Hope to see you soon,



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