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Merry Christmas from USA

Wishing everyone a Merry Christmas! Just woke up and feeling good.

Christmas Eve was rather bumpy with my heart being extra wonky. Ended up taking an extra Flec midday which helped. Anxiety was not helping so took a lorazapam which I haven't had to take in months. Was able to enjoy a beautiful Christmas Eve service and relaxing enjoyable dinner with family.

Now it's Christmas morning and looking forward to an awesome day with more family.

Thanks to all on this forum for everything you do and prayers go out for a Merry Christmas to all of you!

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And Merry Christmas from Devon in England. It is 3.45 pm. Just come in from the terrace where we have been drinking some Merlot in the winter sunshine (well wrapped up .) Turkey is cooked and resting. Stuffing is cooking and veg all ready so eating about 4.,30 by which time we should be quite mellow. Our grown up boys are in the yard working on their various cars fitting Christmas presents (new race harnesses and fire extinguisher systems etc ) and I am trying out my new Rohan trousers and jumper so all well with the world. Logs split and ready for the stove in the sitting room but too warm just now. 43 C outside but sunny. Full spectrum of birds feeding on the various feeding stations. Just had local RAF SAR SeaKing helicopter fly over at about 50ft with Santa hanging out of the door waving. Wonderful.

Peace and love to all.



Merry Christmas and a calm healthy New Year from sunny Cornwall, UK. Hope all is heart well with everyone. Angel Blessings and peace to all.



We left Surrey for a rather cold Scotland for Christmas but have been for some lovely (cold) walks with my daughter and son in laws' puppy.. We saw the saddened area where flowers have been left in Glasgow yesterday and tomorrow are going to Edinburgh for the afternoon.

I hope you are all enjoying your Christmas day and are keeping well.


Seasons Greetings from Glasgow.....a beautiful sunny day on Xmas Day but still cold and frosty. Now it is boxing day and it is even colder......bbbrrr!! Spending the day in pj's and relaxing after a hectic day of cooking yesterday....still it was worth it. Keep well everyone. Patricia.


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