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Christmas Present

Hi everyone,

What the best thing I could buy myself, I have AF, and now waiting to see Cardiology in February (after my appointment was cancelled and rebooked April) to get my 7 day holter result which were done beginning on November.

I still keep having dizzy spells, but don't know my heart rate, so was wondering whether to get a home monitor.

I do feel that as I am under 50 the hospital is not taking me seriously, even when I go to A&E I sent home with a note for GP asking them to refer my to Cardo.

So over to you shall I and if so which one


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Present for yourself?

A spa day, go and indulge yourself even a not too firm massage will do you the world of good, much much better than buying any monitor at all, that only focuses you on the AF, and what are you going to measure? Heart rate? Why? You know if it's too fast can measure that with your fingers.

A wise man (at least he's very old so I think he's wise; are you Bob :) ) once told me not to buy a HR monitor as you only start getting better when you stop measuring. He was right I was wrong, don't go down that path unless you have a specific need to do so.

Be well



Like your reply will show this to my husband and say Hint Hint spa will be go for me


What more can I say?

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All together now - a private consult to an EP??


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