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Coffee and effects?

Hello All,

I am newly diagnosed with Atrial Flutter. The only thing I have experienced was a heartbeat of 170 - ER - Cardioconversion - Release. No other symptoms.

The cardiologist told me to cut down on coffee. (I was drinking 4-5 cups a day.) He said to keep it at 1-2 cups a day.

Over the last few weeks I have kept my coffee at 1-2 cups. Now twice, suddenly out of nowhere, I have had major coffee overdoes symptoms. No heart involvement at all. But it seemed like I had drunk 50 cups of coffee! (The last time I felt anything like this was when my liver was injured with Levaquin. I had extreme coffee intolerance out of the blue in that experience too.)

It feels like typical "too much caffeine" feeling - jitteriness, jumpiness, fidgeting, anxiety, excitement, flushing of the face, muscle twitching, etc. and NOT any heart racing, beating, etc.?

Mainly jitteriness and face flushing.

So, when you all say coffee affects you how does it feel? Like the "too much caffeine" jitteriness feeling or heart symptoms?

What does having caffeine feel like??

Sorry, I am new to this and trying to figure out what the heck is going on!!


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Sounds to me bit like withdrawal!

For the last 12 months all I've really had is 2-3 cups of milky tea a day - no other Caffeine. I used to have 4/5 large cans of Energy drink to get me through nursing shifts, as well as full fat coke at home during my "down time" and a couple of pints of cider a week at the pub quiz.... never touched coffee. Forgotten what a Caffeine rush feels like these days.

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The opposite of withdrawal! When I was in the hospital they gave me 2 cups of regular tea a day - that was for 2 days. The day I went in I had my regular 5-6 cups. Then starting drinking the 1-2 cups of coffee the the day after I was let loose.

If you ever drank way too many Energy drinks you know the feeling - JITTERY!


I can't take much caffeine, so went decaf only, tea and coffee. I drink about 10 cups a day with no effect. Other things that would set me off would be eating anything other than a small meal (i.e. if I fill myself up I get the wobbles), and too much sugar and I'd get the jitters.


I've never been a coffee drinker, but have been drinking decaf tea now for a few years and I can recommend it to fellow tea drinkers - I've not noticed a difference in taste compared to "normal" tea.



Best to forget the coffee. ! And if it affects you that badly, every other energy caffeine drink. 170 was a fast symptom. Best to play safe.



I stopped all caffeine after first very vigorous AF episode and all episodes since have been less like football matches!


Agree that it sounds like withdrawal. Coffee or any other source of caffeine just triggered an episode for me, usually within minutes of drinking. Hot chocolate was the worst but also tea, coke and chocolate.

After ablation one of my delights is to have the occasional cup of coffee, but naw take it milky rather than black.


CDreamer - you still have problems with coffee even after your ablation?


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