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Quiet time

Just sitting in the glow of the Christmas tree lights, reading these fascinating stories and episodes from people's lives. There is so much compassion and generosity on this site, it is truly moving. Humour too.

Got Elvis Costello and Ann Sofie von Otter grooving away in the background. The heart is belting out it's very own rhythm, and the AF year is drawing to a close.

There are decisions to be made and treatment plans to mull over, but just now everything is OK.

Thank you, everyone and Happy Christmas.

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Such a nice post. I'm sitting in the glow of Christmas lights too, just enjoying the peace of it. Be well and Happy Christmas right back to you!


You may have PAF but you have got perfect music taste!

All the best.


Hi Grandma and orchardworker, yes, it was a nice vibe I had going there and not the merest whiff of alcohol, unless the mince pie had a dash of something in it. So maybe there are positives attached to this mean condition. Well, just maybe.


One positive for me has been I have been 'bullied' into a healthier lifestyle, which I know I will be grateful for later….just don't mention a pint of Guinness!


I used to drink Guiness. More than one pint though. Lovely stuff....


Lovely, lovely post Peddling.

I heartily agree (forgive the pun) re: the compassion and generosity on this site, it is palpable, especially, when the sage advise helps with the daily management of this miserable condition.

I wish you all a gentle Holy Christmas and a healthy 2015.