Holidays and a Grateful Heart

Holidays and a Grateful Heart

I did not write this and I believe it comes from one of my Sun Magazines, but wanted to share with you as a recovering AFib person who is experiencing a traumatic life event and so I am humbled. Even as I have eaten correctly and grown strong physically to peak and not smoked and drank moderately, I have been reminded by the Universe at large that is kicking my behind and has my attention that I am not in control and cannot think my way out of this - even with my Marine Corps training to "Adapt, Improvise and Overcome. I never thought a steady heartbeat and the quiet would bring me so much happiness. From an existential secular humorist with warrior buddhist leanings I wish you all a wonderful healthy future.

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  • lovely. thanks

  • Ta, solves the attitude to life and stress for me.

  • Beautiful....thanks for sharing.

    Have a good day.


  • Thank you for this. You are on a long and interesting journey. Hard though it is at present, you will be surprised at how much you have yet to grow. Be brave. Be kind to yourself. Good luck, and God bless - you are not alone...

  • Thank you all for sharing.... :^)

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