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For months I've been 'flutter free' and my meds were working well and now I'm fluttering all over the place. The reason I can work out is that as I work in a school there is a lot of stress with deadlines/parties/performances and I'm dashing around all over the place. Lunch break is a quick snatch of food and have a quick cuppa when I can. When I finally get home I nod off on the sofa as I'm so tired.

Not a moan as I know I'm luckier than many others but at least I know what my trigger is - all I need is a magic pill for a stress free life :)

Have a good day

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Pack up your teaching job, as my wife did, and get a job on a farm working with animals. Going into a cattle shed makes meditation look stressful. It's so calming. You'll have people looking for help at lambing coming up soon, you could start with that.



Haha, great idea!!


What a lovely idea.x


Make sure you stay hydrated as drinks is one of the things that goes first at such times.

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First take some slow, deep breaths and feel the immediate change in how you feel. Recognizing that the stress is hurting you is the first step! Exercise is the best stress buster. Even 10 minutes in a burst at the beginning and end of the day that you can devote to stress busting can have a great effect on your blood pressure and mood. Meditation for another 10 minutes would be another step in the right direction. Not only is the stress causing the immediate flutters but it makes long term changes in your cardiovascular health as well. Make sure that you are getting 7-8 hours of good sleep too. Being tired and stressed makes us more likely to make poor food choices too, so it is quite the vicious circle. Holiday times throw us into high gear for sure and it is such a challenge (especially for women) to find the balance to stay calm and happy at this time of year. Good luck!

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Hi, My daughter has been teaching for 25 years and loves it totally dedicated

to it and all the children. But its taken its toll and after a cancer op 4 years

ago and kidney failure and collapsed lung which resulted in 5 day stay

in intensive care and 2 operations and a long stay in hospital we managed

to persuade her enough was enough. She was loath to leave but luckily

after other staff changes the head was able to offer her 2 1/2 day week

doing PE and standing in when other teachers are occupied elsewhere.

Its worked well and she covers sickness as well. She isnt married so it

was a worry at first that she wouldnt manage financially but its working

out well and she is looking to go on supply if needed. The pressure of

having no marking or planning and finally having time to herself has been

a huge relief to her and us. On the down side she has just started having

symptoms that sound remarkably like the onset of af, luckily at the moment

they are not happening too frequently. Its very telling that another four

members if staff are moving on at Christmas. Look after yourself Shirljo

lifes too short.


Shirljo - your life sounds exactly like mine did until I took early retirement from teaching and became so laid back I now walk horizontally at times! Somehow you need to find a personal de-stresser and try to work to your deadline and priorities, rather than to everyone else's. (Almost impossible in teaching, I know) I tried everything to slow the job and myself down - to no avail - and lunch was always eaten on the hoof, too - and always unhealthy stodge!

Many of the things which half-killed me were avoidable and probably if you examine your working life, you'll hopefully find ways and means to limit some of the nonsense. One thing I did near the end was to take my lunch breaks away from the college - even if it was only in the grounds and it worked to a degree.

I love Koll's description of a byre and cows. My joy during the stressful working life was walking my Border Collie on a mountain and seeing the horizon 20 miles away in all directions - peace. I still do it!!

Grab your life with both hands and hang on - good luck and best wishes.

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thank you for your lovely comments and your support. It's not an option to give up my job - finances and all that, plus I really love it. BUT I know I have to delegate, stop occasionally and drink plenty as you have suggested and I will as being unwell is not helping anyone (especially me).

I have two weeks off from next Friday and then it's time to relax and reflect.


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