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INR level Off the scale !!!

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Good morning everyone, I have just returned from a lovely relaxing two week holiday in Lanzarote.I went for my INr check today, the machine was taking a long time to read my blood test, then the nurse advised me that my INR level was over 8 !! I was given Vitamin K and asked to go back tomorrow for another test. I am worried about this , anyone got any suggestions to put my mind at rest please ?

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Most likely your diet! mine got as high as 5 a few years ago and was told to miss warfarin and go back in a couple of days for a retest.

It is important you report anything out of the ordinary and if it does not come down I think they use plasma to reverse anti coagulation, they are obviously keeping an eye on you ,try not to worry too much,easier said than done I know, let us know how you get on!


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Bernie13 in reply to wendicarro

Thanks Wendi xx

My INR was about 6.5 once and my surgery were most unconcerned and just told me not to take any the next day, then reduce dose from there on and think it was three days later go for another check.


Thanks Jean Jeanie x

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Did your consume a lot of alcohol whilst on your holiday? Perhaps unusual if you didn't . lol

That would do it. I'm sure it will soon return to normal but in the mean time don't bang your head or play with anything sharp. If you have any cranial or abdominal pain or produce black stools then see a doctor as soon as possible. The Vit K will help enormously and obviously don't take any warfarin today.

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Bernie13 in reply to BobD

Thanks Bob x

Hi Bernie,

Well I wouldn't worry unduly UNLESS I couldn't explain the variation with diet - food and drinks ! You've been on holiday, I wonder if you let your guard down and indulged in a little frivolity with your food and drink.

The one thing warfarin loves is consistency, consistency and more consistency. If you messed around with food and drink that almost certainly would explain it, particularly if otherwise your readings are in range 90 % of the time.

There are many people out there who live quite well with an INR of 13, its just the way some people are ... alarming to those of us on a regular INR of 2.5.

One thing you could do is to read up online of the signs/symptoms of high INR. Have you noticed signs of unexplained bruising for example. Or bleeding from minor cuts or grazes that just will NOT stop.

Hate to say it though but this is very much a case for self testing and where a person is confident, of self dosing too. Whenever I go away I take my Coaguchek XS with me and monitor my INR more frequently than I would at home. Often when I've gone to Australia my INR has jumped, often into the mid 3's despite staying with my regular diet.

Its a tricky little thing is warfarin and, as I say, it just loves consistency.


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Bernie13 in reply to carneuny

Thanks, I think you are right. I will be good but in future x

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Bagrat in reply to Bernie13

If you go back to Lanzarote Bernie13 it is easy to get INR done at clinic with EHIC card. I sussed it all out before we went and got days and times of clinic but in the event didn't need it as we both had test day before we left home.

I've been up that high many times. Don't sweat it have a spinach and Kale salad.

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carneuny in reply to

Must say I do that or similar ...... On a day (and only on one day) when I have a high warfarin dose I cut it by 1 mg AND increase my intake of cabbage for a couple of days. Works every time.

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Bernie13 in reply to carneuny

Thanks x

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Bernie13 in reply to

Thank you x

Yes, try Apixaban.

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Bernie13 in reply to RobertELee

I have asked about that before, my GP was against it .

I would get a Coaguchek if you're on warfarin for any length of time and take it on holiday with you. Then you can indulge as much as you want!

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Bernie13 in reply to MarkS

I will think about that, thanks.

If you changed your diet and drinking habits dramatically whilst away this could account for your raised level, with regards reduction then this should be done under your doctors guidance, when mine has been raised I would reduce the amount I took and then re test in a couple of days, easy for me as I have my own machine to test with.

Thank you all for your support, my INR is now back to 2.3 !! Yippee x x

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Coco51 in reply to Bernie13

Good news! Quickly sorted thank goodness. If you were interested in going onto a NOAC this could be a reason for saying you should have one. There are pros and cons and you may not want to, but some people prefer the freedom to eat and drink what you like. I am being allowed to change over next week after giving it a lot of thought.

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Bernie13 in reply to Coco51

Thank you. I have asked about changing but they are reluctant to do so 😪 X

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Coco51 in reply to Bernie13

Was that on cost grounds or health grounds?

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