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Had a good day

Had a lovely day in Canberra today. Did some swimming, while my son had his swimming lesson. Rode a bike, following my son as he rode his scooter around the lake. Didn't push or time myself. Not a single ectopic to be felt, unlike yesterday, when they were flashing through. Isn't NSR wonderful? Looked at some old ECG printouts from 1995 when I was getting AF all the time, and was a very sick man indeed. Now 20 years and five ablations later I am just so much better. Long may it last. I often worry what the future in two, five, ten years' time will look like for me. But I must resist the temptation to worry about that. A cricket ball can bring a healthy man down in the prime of his life, so who can say what awaits me or any of us in the future? All I can do, is to enjoy the present, and my dear old heart, beating away and keeping me upright and helping my son.

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Every day is a triumph, especially when it's filled with good things and enjoyed!


I always say live every day is if it was your last and one day you will be right.


Good reminder to focus on today and not worry about tomorrow.


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