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triggers and stress convinced

had to report this to get your feedback,i am moving soon, relocating leaving home that i grew up in very emotional,my last post [TRIGGERS] i think most of us agree there are not real triggers,so it seems,i took note ,a lot of you said stress was a defor trigger,well for the last 3 days when i was humming and rrrr,ing as wheather or not to sing on the dotted line that would mean no going back with the sale,i have had pals,but i wasnt sure if they were AF i would describe than as irregular sort of contant bleeps,i thought to myself,not sure about this,so i decided to open a bottle of wine i felt so stressed,would you believe pals gone.

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Yay, result! X


A cure! For stress, anyway. I like it. Good luck with your move.


The wine will relax you, so reduce stress, but it may also give you a kick in the night from the alcohol. It's a two-edged sword.


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Stress is definitely a trigger for me. I was recently reading the quote for our new kitchen and and as I was wondering whether we were doing the right thing it started!! If I have any sort of worry it starts. I think my AF kicked in about 4 years ago when one of my daughters was planning to go to Uni and the other out clubbing and coming home all hours. I used to lie awake worrying about both of them and that is when it all started :)

Waiting for my ablation date now.


I totally agree with you - there is only so many adrenalin rushes your body can take over the years - anxiety & worry is a big factor! I have started self-teaching relaxation & breathing techniques - early days yet & my AF is newly diagnosed -KEEP CALM CARRY ON!


I have also taught myself deep breathing and relaxation and it does work most of the time :)


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