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Traveling with high heart rate

I booked tickets to fly to states from UK next eight hour journey. I feel good and stable (I can walk and lift), but my heart rate is 120-130. Cardio Nurse advises against travel at this time. I checked the international travel guidelines and I fit into category 2....category 4 advises against travel. Does anyone travel long distances by air with high heart rate?

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I travelled long distance with PAF but my resting HR when not in AF was rarely over 80. I did once travel when in AF with a high HR and quite symptomatic but it was only a very short flight of 40 mins and so not at high altitude, I was fine and the episode had ceased by the time we landed.

I don't know enough about it but that does seem a very high

resting HR and I personally would not be taking the risk of such a long flight. If your cardio nurse has advised against travel and you fall into a category which is known to be high risk there will be a very good reason. If nothing else any travel insurance would be invalidated so unless you are a very wealthy person, it could bankrupt you if you had a medical emergency in the US.

The loss of the cost of airline tickets seem a small price to pay for your health. I had recently to cancel tickets and we were able to get a credit to travel at another time after submitting a letter from my doctor, but of course this wouldn't apply if you had an existing condition when you booked the tickets.


Hi I went to Canada in June, and i thought the same as you i was very worried, but everything went fine, and it was 9hr flight then a 3 hr Car Journey, i was just very tired after and rested up for couple of days,



I asked an EP at the Brompton about travel by air with AF and she said she advises her patients to take short flights to Europe rather than long distance trips. She said she thinks the stress of travel should be reduced as much as possible- long waits, tiredness, dehydration etc too. I tend to agree with CDreamer and I know I wouldn't contemplate a long haul trip with high heart rate - but i tend to be very cautious so others might have a different view- and possibly personal experience of doing this???


I certainly would not travel long distance with heart rate of 120/130. Would take advice of cardio nurse. Things could escalate.


I was told a long time ago not to ravel for much longer than 3 hours but I am not your normal afer! I have been advised now not to fly!

Travel insurance has proven to be a nightmare and not viable option to go abroad now. We are now going to stay in the UK in a 4 star hotel/spa of which 5 days of that is what the insurance would of been to go to Spain at its cheapest. If I took in the highest quote it would of paid for the stay and spending money and probably have had change at the end.

Be WEll


I am in persistent AF with (now) a clot in my heart but my EP has given me the go ahead for our long Far East trip in January that includes many flights. I will take my Coagucheck and Blood Pressure monitor and although I will not be able to do all the things that I could if in SR, at least I have my husband to do all the carrying! Plus I find hiking sticks a great boon. To be honest my biggest concern is when to take the diuretics during the day.


PS - and I found a reasonable travel insurance even with the blood clot and a pending ablation.


Would be very interested to know which travel company!


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