Echocardiogram Results

I was diagnosed with paroxysmal atrial fibrillation in September and had an echocardiogram at the end of October. I have just received a copy of the results which mentions 'a moderately dilated left atrium' and 'mild-to-moderate aortic regurgitation'.

Has anyone had similar results and, if so, what treatment (if any) did you receive? Do you think this condition is the cause of my A/F?

Hopefully I will get another appointment with the cardiologist shortly so he can explain things in detail.

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  • More likely the other way round. Enlargement of the left atria is a common side affect of AF but can be reversed in many cases if the AF is treated.


  • I too was told after my echocardiogram that I had a moderately enlarged left atrium and it was caused by AF. I think anyone is lucky if they have AF and it hasn't affected the left atrium.

  • It may well be appropriate for you to be refered on to an Electrophysiologist to see if you need an ablation. I had one which revealed a "seriously dilated left atrium." it is apparently possible for the atrium to improve if the dilation is not too severe.

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