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Slow release diltiazem, Adizem versus Slozem etc

After seeing several posts referring to side effects from slow release diltiazem meds I thought it might be helpful to share this with you.

I was prescribed 240mg of SL Diltiazem and was given Adizem for several cycles. I was not happy ( understatement! ) with the side effects and asked my GP to lower the dose which she flatly refused to do. Then the pharmacist gave me Slozem instead. I was worried because I had seen a warning that it is bad to change your brand of diltiazem because the new one may work differently and I could see the formulation was different.

Anyway I took it and am so pleased I did. After a couple of weeks I feel quite different, no more 'digestive disturbances', swollen ankles, nightmares, and I feel much more energised and like my old self. Some of this may be coincidence but I hope not.

I asked my pharmacist if I could have Slozem from now on and he said I have to ask my GP practice to specify it otherwise I get what is in stock!

So as suggested before by other people it is worth 'shopping around' if your drugs don't suit you as even a change of brand may help.

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