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Has anyone ever experienced this?

Yesterday, for several hours whilst having a fairly stable HR, my pulse fluctuated between nice and strong to fairly weak, lasting up to several minutes at a time.

My symptoms were.......

Mild chest pain

Pain around my back and upper neck (both sides)

A fluttering right in the centre of my chest, (literally like a bird trying to escape).

Overall weakness/fatigue

Lasting several hours my HR stayed between 58 & 67

Would be grateful to hear of any similar experiences or thoughts/explanations.



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Hi Nige

I've had similar. Personally, I'd go to A&E and they should run tests on you and hopefully shed some light on what's happening. Can't do any harm. I think with me it was probably a virus I had picked up on holiday which was making my arrhythmia play up. A&E couldn't do anything but it was reassuring nevertheless.


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Hi Nige, yes, with anything you can't explain to do with the heart, best get it checked out... Hopefully it's just your AF being playfully weird, but always good to have the experts say that!


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Hi NIge, if you have ANY chest pain especially between your shoulder blades and in your neck you should go to A and E for checks. Yes it may be your AF paying up but better to be safe than sorry so even now, a visit is a good idea.



I went last night, Bob. What I don't get is why does the pains come and go so quickly?

Here's what happened last night, and my partner Gill who checked my pulse at exactly the same time can confirm.

1) Heart beat strong and normal - 63bpm. 30 - 45 secs

2) Pulse went really weak for about 1 min. At the same time I got chest pain and fluttering in centre of chest

3) Straight after, HR doubled to around 126 for 20-30 secs then returned to normal. At the point fluttering and chest pain stopped.

When I spoke to NHS Direct, the nurse I spoke to thought my heart had gone into spasm.

It's on and off all the time with a few 'normal' hours before it kicks off again.

Usually my HR drifte between normal rhythm for around 90 secs, then skips around a bit and becomes weak before righting itself again.

It hasn't been right since my last AF episode 12 days ago. Energy levels, lightheadedness and breathlessness are all affected to, albeit fairly mild. Starting to feel REALLY frustrated.


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