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Loop recorder fitted

i had the loop recorder put on at the hospital on Thursday and find it a real nuisance. I asked if there was a leaflet to take away but there wasn't. They said to press something if I felt anything and they would ring me. I asked if my husband could come and hear this too so he came into the room.

I still don't really understand about what they want me to ring about. I think it's a bit brief and remiss not to tell you a bit more detail written down.

Showering is not a problem but just takes that much longer to make sure the pads are correctly placed. Two weeks seems a long time, just hope it's worth it. Keep well. Terry

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Hi Terry, I had one fitted for a week and I've to have another one fitted for a week next month. As somebody once put on here, wearing a monitor for a week is a sure sign of being AF free!! I had my first one fitted on a Monday morning, as I just came out of AF, it came off the following week and the day after I was in AF. I was told when I had an episode or felt symptoms, I was to press one of the buttons. I didn't get asked to call anybody other than if I had a issues with the device. If you are unsure, I would give them a call and ask them.


Thank you for your reply I think I'll just press the green thing if I have an AF or become tachycardic and not worry about anything else as I'd rather go to the doctor than the hospital ! Terry


I have had several of these things fitted. I think that you press the green button if you feel that you are in AF and it records for about 30 seconds. You can download onto the phone if you want to (I never did ) I also had a 7 day loop monitor which is a permanent ECG recorder. You don't have to trigger it but you do keep a diary of what you think is happening. Mine showed 36 hrs of fibrillation that didn't match my diary entry. This confirmed my EP's suspicion that I was fibrillating unawares.

I knitted a purse to hold the monitor and attached a cord to have it hang round my neck. A friend had hers stuffed down her bra. They did suggest that it could be kept in your pocket but that would not have worked for me.


Thank you Jenny Mines got a white tape to loop over my head. I've had it dangling but now wear my bra over it which holds it still. I'm sure if they made it so you could tie it around you to keep it still or have a better harness it would be easier to hide the White tapes around the neck, although the top sticker is right on the middle of my collarbone.

Still it's good to be looked after properly. Hope you are keeping well. Terry


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