I am a little concerned that our dear friend Beancounter hasn't been giving us his invaluable advice recently. I, like so many others, wrote a message of support to him via these posts when he told us about his most recent news from the cardiologist. I am sure you too miss his happy smiling photo, his calm approach to our problems and I just wanted to tell him that he hadn't been forgotten . It's so easy to write a post, receive the invaluable replies and then just disappear, but our symptoms live with us from day to day.

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  • I saw Ian at Birmingham and he told me he was going to be very busy through the rest of October which may be why we have not heard from him.


  • Ian is having computer problems as it won't let him into the forum. I had a message from him yesterday I think it was and suggested going in via the main AFA website and I though he said that it worked. Maybe he has a browser problem which is not unknown. I'll message him and see.


  • Thanks Bob....is Devon warm 'n sunny?

  • no sadly wet and horrid but life is still good!

  • Thank you. I was just a little concerned.

  • Me too.I have missed his smiling face too.x

  • A mutual friend met him in Birmingham and commented on how well he looked. She said that he was very busy with work and house moving.

  • Hi all.

    Just spoken with my friend Ian this morning he has asked me to post a message to you all saying "Thank you all for your concern l am OK busy with house move as well as problems getting on the forum at the moment for some reason but thank you all once again for your concerns and I shall be back ASAP"


  • Ta Carol....... john

  • Hi John.

    lan has a lot on the moment but dont worry he will be back very soon...Carol

  • That's good news!

  • Thanks everybody. Nice to know he's ok. This site has helped me so much. I know there are so many people out there with similar symptoms to mine, sadly so many much worse than me. It's like having lots of friends with the same worries and concerns especially in the middle of the night when frogs are a'leaping! The reassuring advice given by people like 'Beancounter' , 'Bob' and the amusing comments from Loo help life plod along. Best wishes to you all. Jenny

  • Had been wondering myself where he was and about to ask the same question. Glad all is well, though his life must be really hectic if he's moving house. Come back soon Beancounter we miss you.


  • Have missed Beancounter too, and good to know he is well.

  • Who is going to count the beans in his absence?

  • Heinz ? Come back soon Ian

  • Ditto. Same from me x

  • Probably on a beach in the south of France with forum exhaustion lol !

  • Such a lovely post Jenbo6 ..... both bean counter and Bob contribute their informative and valued posts. I always read their balanced advice.

  • Oh how I agree with your thoughts. He is very much in my thoughts. I, too, miss his friendly advice and comments.

  • Good to hear that he is ok

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