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Post ablation blues!

I could really do with some sound advice from you all. I had my second ablation last Wednesday, was in AF going to the lab, helpful for them I thought. Discharge notes said it was a successful procedure.

Home Thursday, by 7pm was in AF again which lasted nearly 14 hours so didn't get much sleep, hr anything between 80 and 124bpm. This and the after effects of the GA left me feeling really rotten but put it down to what BobD and others have said is to be expected. However, have now been in and out of AF since yesterday morning, most of last night too. I really need to know, is this really to be expected or should I present to A&E and get an ECG done and sent to Oxford?

I rang the Arrhythmia nurses at Oxford on Friday morning and left a message but haven't had a reply and obviously the docs and secretaries don't work weekends so no point trying to get hold of them just now. Our local hospital has a policy of sending ambulances 12 miles away to another hospital at night and on weekends so would have to get to ours under my own steam, but would do this if necessary. Am not on any meds except Warfarin.

What do you think?


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Oh Kate, so sorry, I know how disappointing the situation is, I've lived the same.

Do you have meds?

There are ups and downs post ablation, this can be normal. All that said, if you reach a point where you are very uncomfortable- go get help! I prefer sitting it out at home, but that is a purely personal choice and so far, I've been ok, to do so. Should there be anything else going on, you could require something different.

If it is the same as you've lived through in the past and you are comfortable at home, try and get some rest, take your meds, and stay hydrated! Despite such sending us to the bathroom so much more !

Take care, keep us posted.


It really is ear;y days and you will have quite a few funnies for a while yet. Does your GP not have ECG facilities? Most do form my experience. Pitch up there as an emergency patient and see what they can do for you if you are worried but again I say early days yet. TRyt your Ayythmia nurse again on Monday but I doubt going to A and E is worth much unless you like laying about for hours on a trolley.



Thanks both of you, that's reassured me heaps, I was just worried that something was very wrong as I didn't get any episodes for several weeks after my first ablation.

I didn't really fancy sitting in A&E for hours but thought the ECG tracings they could do might show something up that was out of kilter, would much rather stay at home and distract myself with a book or TV. You're right Bob, my GP has an ECG machine and I'm booked for an INR tomorrow anyway so I'll ask to be seen first thing tomorrow morning and also ring the Arrhythmia nurses again.

Thanks so much for your prompt replies, I am very grateful that this forum is there and sage advice and positive support is available.


ps I did ring the AFA helpline but only an answering service today it seems.


Hi, hope you're starting to feel a little better. I had my 3rd ablation 5 weeks ago tomorrow, I was exactly the same as you and posted on here at least twice for advice. I'm starting to feel a little better myself although I do still get the ectopic beats every day, they just don't last as long, thank goodness.

I expect you've had your ECG at your GPs surgery by now, hope all is well.

Keep posting, you get great advice here.

All the best.


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