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I have a and won't talk about times and such. I have something called bigiminy and that bothers me more right now. It is when you have a normal heartbeat followed by a weak one. I am wearing a implanted heart monitor and that is how it was discovered. Makes you feel like your heart is beating in the 30's, no fainting but I feel like I will at times. It comes in spells not constant. Has anyone else had this.

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Yup recently found out that I have them - but been reassured that they are not dangerous. If you are feeling dizzy your Dr is your next step because it could cause you to fall or trip and then some serious damage could be done. x ann


Mine come in groups and make me weak and faint feeling, my EP is considering a pacemaker. I am more bothered by this than the afib as I have not had but 3 or 4 episodes of afib even though I had to be converted on the second one. My nighttime heart rate also drops in the 40s. It is good to talk to someone about this.


Thanks - Yup my HRs been recorded in hospital as low as 31. I've known that the echos have been all over the place for quite a few years but always told that they're 'just echos' and nothing to be concerned about - So I haven't been. What concerns me more is that I've been turning up at A&E (last month) with certain scary symptoms (one being complete confusion, & being discharged - the last time I was in the young SHO (who was obviously frustrated with me ) said there's nothing wrong with you - I've been through all your notes and we're referring you to psychs. I was pleased with this because I knew I wasn't compus mentus....,but NOW I find out I've been suffering from Pulmonary Conjestion & been through it ALONE & SCARED & ITS OFTEN FATAL ... (Apart from the lovely kind people on this site). My feelings are - She's lied (cos this consultants letters dated 03.10.14 & it says he is awaiting the 24 hour results - monitor). I'm seriously thinking of contacting PALS because what she did was just plain dangerous. I know I was very confused at the time but she was so dismissive and totally

undermining. Phew - got that one off my chest. Lol


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