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Checking in

So yesterday I went to ER, and they said I was not in AFib. Ran several test, and found out my throid was out of control. I was taking medicine for hypothyroid, but i guess now its "hyper" which made me have the palpitatons. Still kind of worried about my heart health. After the hospital visit, BPM have stayed below 100. Cardiologist I see is the busiest guy around town, so thinking of looking for another Dr.

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Hi Ana... I am sure it's good that they've worked out what's wrong with your thyroid (it seems to be all over the place!). Hopefully if they get that under control it will help the AF a lot. If your cardiologist is too busy it might be a thought to move on. I'd like to see an EP, myself.



Well thank goodness it isn't AF as it is now more easily sorted out. AF would be a much longer journey!



Thanks for letting us know, glad you seem to be getting somewhere now.


Unfortunately, I was over replaced with thyroxine. I went from hypo to hyper and ended up with atrial fibrillation.

I'm still trying to sort the problem out nearly 3years down the line. Have seen private cardiologists, but recently went to a cardiologist EP to talk about whether or not to go onto anticoagulants because it was worrying me. He chose for me not to go onto anticoagulants but then shocked me by saying go onto flecainide. I don't think I should need flecainide when I only have PAF for a few seconds/minutes at a time. Anybody else feeling like that about that particular drug?

Hope your AF returns to normal, it should do if you have only recently started having palpitations.


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