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Worsening symptons?

Had AF diagnosed this march, had previously been treated for SVT, with Bisoprolol for some years now. Have had a few major episodes, one ended in overnight stay in hospital. Getting breathless on and off now, also getting a bit lightheaded now and again. But my pulse feels pretty regular to me. Is this a sign of a worsening condition? Will be having ILR fitted soon. Would appreciate your thoughts. This is such an informative site, very helpful. :)

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You don't say what your heart rate is? We all suffer from breathlessness, especially if on Bisoprolol but If you are getting lightheaded as well then that is not a good sign and indicates either low BP or low heart rate, both of which can also make you breathless.

If I were you I would be seeing my GP first thing on Monday and if lightheadedness was more than transitory and very occasional I would be thinking about going to A&E sooner than that.

Better to be checked out and reassured that all is ok than ignore those symptoms and ignore them. Difficult to know though sometimes isn't it? I usually leave things until they get so bad I can't ignore them, but not recommending that as a good strategy!

Hope you feel better soon.


I think I am the same as you, will probably leave it till it gets a little worse. As both breathlessness and lightheaded ness are intermittent at the moment, I feel a trip to the doc would be not very helpful... Lol. Thanks for your comments tho :)


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