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Hi all,

I had my first AF episode when I was 27, that was chemically stopped, I then got fit lost loads of weight and never had another problem. Until last night when I suffered another AF episode ( put wieght back incidentally) my main point is the doctor said it will happen and again, but felt I do not warrant drugs as it maybe lifestyle related. Has anyone else had them told this?

Had Cardioversion last night, my blood pressure was excellent and they said my heart was in tiptop shape.

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Hi Stan - yes, lifestyle is thought to have an influence and many of us have had some success in finding out what triggers AF in each individual's case. However, the main factor for many of us is a predisposition to the condition in the first place which causes it to recur.

Amongst lifestyle changes people make are: stop drinking alcohol, caffeine and artificial sweetener. Food additives, colouring and flavourings are other common problems. Stress is a major factor for AF and relaxation and meditation are used by many people to help combat stress.

The method of managing your AF will depend on your personal circumstances - age, medical history, stroke risk etc and that is best determined by an electrophysiologist (EP) - a cardiologist who specialises in heart rhythms.



Ironically the guy who saw me yesterday was such a fellow, lucky I guess, I think the fear of AF is a factor, I obviously have a predisposition but 2 in sixteen years is something to be thankful for although as I get older it may become more frequent, I have committed to giving up my candle burning lifestyle and let's see how I go... Thanks for your kind advice..


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