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Up and down and UP again!

Been doing a lot more moving about than normal this last few weeks Filled the last skip with my late mothers bits and bobs that no one wants. Finished the decorating and curtain poles up in the lounge in our new Home.

As a consequence I am now running at 124 BPM but once I have had some sleep it drops down to a nice 60ish Only been down stairs made a cop of tea for me and the wife back up to look on the PC back up to 124 BPM and staying there. Been 2 hours no change

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I'm no expert but it depends on whether you have been active- which will raise your rate - and whether it is irregular- ???


this was my sedentary rate and it is bouncing around a bit too


Not good news for you, and highly charged emotionally, your body lets you know when you have done too much. Maybe pace yourself and rest more in between projects.

I was told that if its not over 140 then it could reverse itself naturally I hope you are resting now.


I am trying. Before changing to sotalol and digoxin I was 150 +


Ive noticed that after coming off sotalol my AF rate has increased. When in AF it used to cruise at around 80-100 and not Im off sotalol its hovers around 120-140.

Cardiologist doesnt seem that bothered.

After my medication change I seem to be having less episodes but they last longer and are at a higher rate.

If that makes any sense.....?


Completely. AF does not have any sense!


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