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My heart has been playing up so much lately and as I've been told the chance of my having another ablation wouldn't be possible, because of the extensive scaring in my heart, I'm looking to alternative methods - primarily diet. Have found this link fascinating re diet.


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  • Good interview, agree with everything said. I have been searching for a Dr in the UK who works like this and so far not found anyone. Dr Sarah Myhill works this way and does all the testing but she won't take any new patients but if you can find an holistic Dr to work with do please let me know.

    I tried the the elimination diet back in the 70's, it was really hard but it did work, I had colitis then and I got my gut back into really good shape and haven't had to worry about that since. I eat a very small amount of anything with gluten in it and a very a small amount of dairy, it's really hard not to if you want to be at all social. But I'll do anything to eliminate this Mg so I will try it again.

    I have been recommended to Dr Owen at the Natural Health Clinic, Winchester and I am going to arrange an appointment when I get home from Spain. uk

  • I felt great earlier in the year when I cut out gluten and lactose, but somehow I've drifted back into having the gluten. None from today onwards though, so will see how I go. Will be interested to hear how you get on at Dr Owens clinic.


  • I remember you posting such, amazing how we do drift back and then suffer and then have to relearn over and over! Well I seem to have to do that but it is very hard, even harder here in Spain. Been out shopping this morning and wanted a quick lunch but as we couldn't find anything 'healthy' ended up with pasta, lovely but waiting for the come back!

  • Many thanks Jean. Totally get Dr Amy Myers. It's clear to me that's a better route. However, you need to be super persistent, detailed with a diary and back yourself and what your body is telling you. I have tried so many things I can't list them but the three that stand out as working so far are: the Magnesium supplement (with other stuff e.g. Potassium, brand Nutri Ultra Muscleze) which got me sleeping better, 75% less sugar and 95% less gluten, which got rid of mood swings, night time sweats and raised pulse plus more day energy.

    I saw my cardiologist again last Friday, he was so impressed he said I could try reducing my Flecainide from 200mgs/day to 150mgs. (2 months ago, he said come back in 6 months and I would be mad to try to reduce the drugs until I was AF free for a year).

    I should also say I am adrenergic vagally mediated Lone PAF ( I hope that's the correct terminology) with no ablations. I have been AF free for 6 months.

    Good Luck, please continue to share your experience.

  • Is your success mostly down to changing your diet? Yes, like you I've tried loads of of remedies. If anyone recommends one that's worked for them I'll try it. I felt great when I did a gluten free diet earlier in the year, but somehow I've managed to drift back into having it again. From today no gluten for me. I'll have to look up the word 'adrenergic' as I haven't a clue what that means. I too believe my Tachycardiac PAF has a vagal connection.

    Hope all goes will for you with regard to reducing your Flecainide.

  • Yes very interesting when you are woken at 6am in fast AF, gives you something to occupy yourself with :-)

    I am convinced that I can get much better with life style changes including diet modifications and think for me that the vagal connection is there (classic waking with AF in the night or morning) and have already been better by reducing meal size, alcohol, gassy foods and eating earlier in the evening.

    When originally diagnosed my cardiologist thought we might be able to control it by lifestyle changes and low drug dose, but think at that stage was too little too late (I had obviously got very symptomatic over a couple of years as GP thought I was a neurotic middle aged woman having panic attacks). So I am going for ablation in the next few weeks and hoping to set to zero and really start on this journey. Anyone with any specific experiences of what has worked for them please feel free to message me direct.

    Thanks all.


  • Hi Jo - Snap, my fast AF woke me around 6am this morning too. I'm putting it down to sitting and eating a lot yesterday - I had visitors and went out for a huge lunch! I don't think I had enough fluids either. Quite often my PAF will start when I've been sat at my computer for a long time. It's either being in bed or sat too long that sets it off. Never ever has my AF started when I've been out . Tell a lie it can start off if I eat a large lunch and then walk anywhere soon afterwards.

    Wishing you success with your ablation.


  • Thanks JeanJeannie I definitely concur with the concept of treating the cause in relation to the gut, I did start this when I was diagnosed with AF, but like she mentioned Drs see your body separately so I pushed to get to a Gastroenterologist and was then diagnosed with IBS which I believe was the main contributor of AF for me.

    No one believed me though, but now I have been free from any major palpitations for 8mths and my medication is cut down to its lowest (50mgs Amiodarone) in 12mths.

    I have had no ablation and will continue on with my Fodmap diet, which is gluten free. I know there are other things which I need to learn about but I see it as a work in progress. Its great to see some medical practitioners confirming that disease is not just black and white.

  • It's great to hear that cutting out gluten has helped you so much. Earlier in the year I cut it out and felt good too, but have somehow drifted back into having it again. I'm gluten free as from today though!

    How is your thyroid coping with you taking Amiodarone? I took it for 18 months and it has damaged mine, I'm just waiting to hear from my GP with my latest blood test results. I may have to start on some form of thyroxin.

  • At the moment the tests for my thyroid shows its no drama yet albeit on the high side. I was hoping with less mgs of Amiodarone it might return to normal as it was before. I am due for another test shortly and will be able to tell then, who knows? As you know the Thyroid is also responsible for your metabolism but at the moment I am not tired as I was before.

    Glad you are going to try Gluten Free, its expensive though now I make my own bread. Never thought I would be this domesticated

    Keep it going and good luck

  • If you don't mind, would you please PM me with your bread recipe. I have a bread-maker and would like to give it a go. Many thanks.


  • Jeanie Jean really think you should explore these food ways as they are so basic to our lives. I know that sugar is addictive also some foods don't agree with some people just like medicines . Foods like spinach and rhubarb make me feel funny, because of oxalyc acid . Ultramarine put it perfectly things aren't just black or white. I do so hope you get some positive results good luck and keep well and keep looking. Terry

  • Yes, my daughter laughs at me when I tell her my latest belief as to what is causing my AF. I only tell her these things now to brighten her day!

    I agree with you about certain foods affecting some people and not others. I swear that blue berries will set my heart off racing. I do have a fairly careful diet, like the DR in the video I was brought up on healthy food - we lived on a farm and my dad was very alternative minded. I do sometimes wonder whether having healthy veg etc when young has made me more prone to allergies with those contaminated with pesticides today.

    So many avenues to explore!

  • Hi Jean if you can catch it look at the recent Horizon programme on allergies which theorizes that it is 1) use of antibiotics 2) not enough grubbing around outside in the dirt as children. Theory is that our immune systems have lost the ability to distinguish between self and none self because of overuse of antibiotics hence more people with more allergies and autoimmune diseases. There was a time in my teens and twenties when I suffered multiple episodes of cytisus for which I took multiple series of antibiotics then developed IBS and colitis in my 20s so my history would fit.

  • Fortunately, living on a farm, I was brought up with lots of germs. However, I've not been around so many since getting married 40 odd years ago. I hardly ever take antibiotics, would have to be really ill before I agreed to take them. I will look up the Horizon programme on iplayer, thank you for letting me know about it.

  • I have had the longest time between episodes of AF by taking potassium and magnesium rich food ( on the 3 occasions my AF has been bad enough to go to A and E my potassium has been below range.

    So far, no episodes for 6 months- may be coincidence- may not!!

  • I usually eat two bananas a day for my potassium and also eat mixed nuts. Perhaps there's something I'm not getting enough of, but my blood results always come back o.k. with regard to vitamins. I need to get my thyroid function sorted out as I'm hypothyroid and not on any medication as yet - that will soon change. My GP is afraid that thyroxin will make my tachycardia worse, but I've more or less decided to try a low dose as I'm so tired all the time.

    It's good to hear that you have been AF free for so long. Have you changed your diet in any other way?

  • I have been on low dose thyroxine for years and it has not affected my tachycardia, in fact feel much better on it as don't get so tired


  • Thank you for letting me know. I wont worry so much now if my GP suggests I start taking it.

  • Interesting link,I have just spent the last hour watching various talks and found the one on meditation very interesting. As well as diet I am convinced that for some of us stress is a huge factor so will have another go at meditating.I should have been out planting bulbs but found the videos more interesting! Thanks for the link will watch some more later. best wishes Kath

  • Hi Kath - Yes , I too got side-tracked with all the other videos on the link. I must get out and sort out my garden too, so many hedges to cut!


  • Re minerals:- I use a mineral salt in the bath once a week, plain old Epsom salts will do it! I can't take magnesium now as weakens me too much - Mg. A good soak in a warm bath before bed also promotes good restful nights' sleep.

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