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CV cancelled

was booked in next week for my first CV for PAF (occured first at Xmas). Was given an ECG and told "your medication must be working as you are in normal rythm". Have faffed about at the warfrin clinic for months now to get between 2-3 for the CV. Suppose next week my heart is not in rythm.... Is it normal to cancel a CV like this ? (I have had no real problems since starting medications)

I should be pleased, but I just wanted it done and tried

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If you are in NSR you don't need a DC Cardioversion. What you need to do is discuss ongoing care with your doctors


Hi Champs

They can only do a CV whilst you are in AF, not while you are in NSR, they can't shock you back into NSR when you are already in it.

The warfarin clinic and the INR is not solely for your CV but also to protect you from the increased risk of stroke, so that's good news


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