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Difficult times

Just about had enough today , bad nights sleep, woken every hour with bad palpitations, always when I lie down. had a spa day booked, as a present for my wife today, so literally lasted in the gym 5 minutes before dizziness and tachycardia came along. I didn't go into af, but felt it was close.

My question is, does anyone else have No exercise tolerance, I can walk for miles, but if my heart rate goes over 100bpm I will suffer bad palps,dizziness and likely af.

Seems to be affecting every part of my life now.

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Can't answer you on the exercise but have you tried lying on the one side. I can only lie on my right side, and sometimes my back but never on my left.

Just a thought to try and get some sleep!



Thanks kill, normally sleeping on right is okay, but not last night, so uncomfortable all night, the palps just kept waking me up.

I ate around 6.30, which is a little later then norm, so the only reason apart from the a.f getting worse is the biggish meal I had.



Same here, no more big meals for me, I just graze throughout the day now. Lost a bit of weight doing it as well :-)


Have you tried more pillows ? I have three, I know I'm probably older than you are but it does help. Big meals eaten quickly are a no no for me. Walking after them sometimes helps. Hope you sort it out. Sometimes it's just the awkwardness of AF presenting in one of its myriad ways. Keep well, Terjo.


Yes, and its very annoying!


I was like that before my ablation rich101, it just got worse and worse. I recall filling in a quality of life form for Dr Gupta who specializes in this and I didn't realize how much my quality of life had deteriorated since the last attack of AF. Dr Gupta looks at this determines how soon you should be seen on his list also participating in a trial helped too. Its a pity GPs dont have these forms to shove under their noses. I'm sorry to hear your suffering badly and can fully identify with thwarted plans or not being able to plan at all !!


Hi! Yes, absolutely. I have had AF since my 30s, but was not correctly diagnosed until my 40s. I am now in my early 50s, and the major reason I scheduled an appointment in addition to my regular follow-up is because I became very frustrated because I had almost no tolerance for exercise. I have always been active, and I would leave the gym in tears. I was told that it is a symptom that my AF is not being properly managed, and that it isn't simply that I am aging. We completely changed up my meds, and I can FINALLY get back on the treadmill and get in a good workout. Hope this helps, and best wishes! -KeL.


Thanks loo and kel, I am waiting on an appointment date to see Dr Kim rajappan in Oxford, actually really excited for the appointment.. feel like it's a positive step to sorting this af out for good.

I have been prescribed bisoprolol as a pill in pocket approach, but thinking it could become a daily med at this rate.

Kel, are u on meds too or have you had ablation?

Hope you are all well, and loo that's great to hear another success story and happy person.

I think you are right, it impacts our life more than we think, I'm good at making adjustments and excuses. Time to get my life back


I'm pretty much the same. They kept telling me that AF is no reason not to exercise, but every time I have attempted to resume or increase exercise it has made me worse. Mowing the lawn put me in hospital for a week last month. I recognise the threshold of 100bpm, I reckon that's about the point where I'm pushing my luck, too. Walking around gently is OK at about 80 bpm, but pushing the mower puts it as high as 115. I tried doing the lawn a bit at a time last week, but I felt on the brink of another episode after the second session.


It's so frustrating isn't it.i keep reading that exercise helps in the management of a.f, but I can do nothing but walk. I am going to make a big effort to increase walks, and then try to slowly build up each time.maybe increase length and duration each time, in the hope it builds the heart muscle slowly.

What do you do in the way of treatment ectopic1?im sure I have mixed a.f, as in adrenergic and vagal.


I was on Flecainide for 16 months, but it stopped working after trying to resume exercise a few too many times. I'm on Amiodarone now, pending an ablation.


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