Off warfarin for 2 days

I have to get my INR down to no more than 2 for an endoscopy and have now been told by the hospital to stop taking warfarin 2 days before.

My INR fluctuates between 2 and 3 - so just wondering how long stopping takes to adjust INR.

I have never stopped warfarin before so anything to look out for? ( in permanent AF )



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  • Warfarin INR levels begin to drop between 3 days to 5 days after ceasing it. The hospitals advice is perfectly fine. Your INR levels should drop to under 2 for the procedure. Ensure you ask your doctor when to start it back up. ie night of the procedure (if bleeding isnt an issue) or start taking it again the following night after the procedure.

  • Thanks rkoac1 - I shall make sure I ask about restarting warfarin before I leave - just wondering when I will need my INR testing again.


  • You should probably get yourself tested a week after restarting. It should be back to your normal level by then but you'll want to know that for reassurance.

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