I love my life. After a morning machining up some new steering arms for one of the drift cars I decided to take my lunch out onto the front terrace. (parma ham with cherry tomatoes and a cup of tea. )

The sun was slightly shaded by some high thin cloud but enough to warm and need sunglasses. A slight breeze rustled the pages of my magazine. Across the valley a lone sheep baar'd whilst myriads of birds tweeted in the trees. round the secret garden. Over the valley our local buzzard floated on the air currents accompanied by her latest offspring whilst crying mournfully. She does that a lot. High above two of the RAF's finest were at play before departing south on re-heat. With the breeze from the east I can't hear the A39 . Now the planes have gone it is blissfully quiet.

I am reminded of the phrase "God is in his heaven and all's well with the world."

Love and peace to all.


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  • Thank you so much,Bob. 6 weeks post -ablation and I've just come down from the garage roof, clearing moss off before winter. I thought how lucky I was to be able to do it, although it quite wore me out. Back inside for a coffee and then to see your inspirational post. Diolch from Wales.

  • Jennydog ... a helpful hint to save you clambering over rooftops. If you throw handfuls of salt over the moss it will kill it off very quickly. I do this on a flat roof. Sandra

  • That's good advice. Many thanks.

  • Jennydog,

    Don't believe what l am reading....What on earth are you doing going up there on that &$_(() roof....Thought it was only me that did daft things like that....You are supposed to be the sensible


  • Carol, there's no man about the house so everything is DIY!!!

  • What is a drift car Bob? We're in North Spain just waiting for the ferry back to arrive, lovely here too.

  • Drifting is a sport out of Japan . Think ice skating but without the ice. Cars run in pairs and drive around a course sideways with smoke pouring off the rear tyres. Marks are given for style, smoke and staying close to your pair partner. Typical cars are Nissan Skylines or S14s--Engines 450 bhp turbo up to the sky is the limit. We are currently running a Mazda RX7 and a Skyline for two local lads one being my youngest. All cars run locked differential of course.


  • Skylines??!! Wow - I love that car...but you wouldn't catch me drifting one! Glad you are in a good place and at peace with everything.


  • Yes we have done two Skyline RB26 engines in the last year for drifters. Nice to work on .

  • Only chance I got to drive one around Silverstone was on my Playstation! On the road it has to be my top choice.

  • Over a GTR? boy would I like to drive on of those.

  • Bless you Bob......just what I needed today.......some sanity in this mad world!

  • Thanks Bob,just finished unblocking the loo,All is well

  • Brilliant! Thank you for this, work part time 3 days a week. Feet up, my stint is done x

  • Love your post Bob. Reminds me that we should all take time out to appreciate life. Very interested in you work on race cars and drift cars. My husband builds hot rods and minis. Used to make tot rods.

  • Sounds gorgeous Bob, not least the parma ham and cherry tomatoes (remind me again why I chose this name...?). We live in a lovely corner of the world too and it is a great pleasure and privilege - we also get the RAF playing around as well, from Valley on Anglesey, which is great fun. Our buzzards send their best regards to yours :)


  • Hawks no doubt from RAF Valley. We are a designated low fly area and occasionally get F15s and Tornados at roof top level. Also Merlin helicopters. I gave the finger to one who was very low as he came over so he came back even lower and blew dust all over me! lol


  • Bob .. As someone who lived at RAF Chivenor I had to laugh at that! Sandra

  • Shame it is only Marines there now and 22 Sqd Search and Rescue are on wind down to civilian contract from St Athan I think.

  • A lot of Hawks, yes, and of course the occasional F15 and Tornado. We're a designated low fly area as well, and you can see some very pretty planes on the Mach loop. Sounds like you have a lot of fun! :D

  • On most. Wed we hear the romantic sounds of Ww2 shells washed up with the tide being detonated on the nearby ex bombing range by the disposal squad

    Makes us remember why we moved by the sea

  • So beautiful thanks for the post

  • I'm about to go to the dentist for heavy drilling. I shall think of your perfect garden, Bob. Thanks , JanR

  • Sounds wonderful do you do b and b karen

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