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itching please help

Hi Everyone ,can anyone help. I had a pace maker fitted in July ,I am waiting to go back in to have one of the leads re positioned ,But since this procedure Ihave never stopped itching ,but it is just my arms ,it is like the after affects of being stung by nettles ,or contact with fibre glass it is driving me mad .not back at the hospital until 3/10.any one any advice or clues .have a good week end Poppystorey.

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I am guessing here but possibly some nerves damaged during the incisions to position the pace maker. If that is so I'm not sure that Eurax cream will help but it is a possible.



Thanks Bob ,I will try that remedy this week ,have just had my 1001 remedy book out ,just dabbed my arms with vinegar , ah well needs must .Regards Poppystorey


No idea why you have itch but take Benadryl .....the normal one...not 24 hour really works as do ice packs...I have it on and off due to neck injury......


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