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Had to ring in sick today due to af I have rang my he manager and told them what is going on on previous occasions when I have had af I have just rang in sick because I didn't want occupational health involved because I was scared about losing my job I had a heart attack in 2012 and got diagnosed with af and arrhythmia of the heart in 2013 I have a cardio loop monitor fitted due to go back to hospital in October can I ask to see the cardiologist because only see the nurse who does reading of the monitor! Thanks Pete

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Pete, I'm sorry to read that and know how you feel. There was a post on here not long ago which appeared to show that AF comes under the hidden illness section of the work place employment acts. A member was up for disciplinary meeting and her union rep squashed it all very quickly. If you are worried about work speak to Community Advice people (whatever they are called these days) if you don't have a union official in your job. The last thing you need right now is worry. I hope that you are being treated for your AF and properly anti-coagulated if at risk. It sounds like they are trying to establish how much AF you have (the monitor) so maybe can start treating it soon. If you don't get the help you want please look at seeing an electrophysiologist who is a specialist ion electrical heart problems. Ordinary cardiologists often don't get it!



Thanks for your reply I am part of the union at work now my hr manager is aware they may take this into consideration I have got a meeting at work so I will let you know what happens thanks again Pete


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