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New AF diagnosis and bisoprolol

I have recently been diagnosed with Atrial fibrillation (AF) last week, following two weeks of intermittent palpitations lasting between 30 mins to up to 12 hours. I have now been started on Bisoprolol 2.5mgs but was changed to 2 x 1.25 twice a day as felt like a bit of discomfort in my chest in the evening and have headaches, side effect I guess. I have a previous history of sub arachnoid haemorrhage and VP shunt, so probably tend to worry a little too much about headaches. Not sure if to take this in one dose or two? and do the side effects gradually wear off ? interested to hear of others experience.

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Hi Sara do check with your pharmacist. They are best qualified to instruct you on dosage. Sandra


Did your GP prescribe the bisoprolol, or a cardiologist? I am guessing that they have taken your other issues into account, but if you are at all concerned do talk it through with them, it's best to have peace of mind...



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