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Is this a symptom, or something else?

Hello again

For the last few days i've been feeling fluttering in my chest, can feel the extra and missing heartbeats, not as random as when i've been in full blown AF, and when i check my pulse the rate is fine, not fast, just the extra/late stuff (and the burpy feeling). This is going on all the time.

I haven't had it like this before, its usually either all or nothing, and maybe the bisoprolol is making a difference. Is this something that any of you lovely people experience?

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Sounds like perfectly normal ectopic beats to me. Everybody gets them but we AFers notice whilst other don't. If you rate is stable and you are feeling the "missed" or "extra " beats that would do it.

The burpy thin is all vagal related.


I find a couple of teaspoons of Gaviscon (or equivalent) sometimes help. Its worth a try.

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I have been A/F for seven years. Over the past two days I have had the chest fluttery feeling you describe. I woke up last Sunday feeling tired and had to have a doze around lunchtime - that disconcerting fluttery feeling followed but is now slowly diminishing. I assuming that there is nothing we can do about it, we have good days and bad days.


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