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Hi, Just had great holiday in Corfu now I have to face my ablation.

I admit to being terrified managed to put it out of my mind (mostly)

whilst away but now my heart has been doing a rumba the last few

days. Pre-admission today even that is worrying me as the thought

of have a TOE is frightening to me, large tablets I can have problems

swallowing. Ablation is on Monday.

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I know how you feel as I have just had a phone call from the arrhythmia nurse to say it should be soon. I will be glad when the time comes but also scared. I will be thinking about you and willing you on. At least yours will be over soon.x


It is natural to be concerned as you are going into the unknown. TOE was my main worry, I don't remember a thing about either of them. The sedation you are given contains substance which gives you amnesia. It really is not as bad as you imagine it is going to be and you will be well supported by staff who are all used to people being scared. Very best wishes for successful outcome. You will have read all the previous posts reassuring 1st timers and their experiences following their procedure, if you haven't, go back over the threads, I think you will find it reassuring, we can't all be lying.

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Ditto, especially the bit about it not being as bad (or half as bad even) as you imagine it will be.

Hope today goes well and all the best for Monday.


I had my ablation 24 days ago. I was a wreck about getting there as the Runcorn Bridge, road closures and God- knows- what were the stuff of nightmares. Since the ablation I have not felt my heart once, not once. And this is despite structural heart problems.

There is nothing to be afraid about. Just think, loads of people on this forum have had 2 or more ablations and they wouldn't volunteer for a 2nd if it was that awful. Bob said that root canal treatment was worse. I was prepared to have a real go at him BUT he was right.

They give you paper knickers, make sure yours are big enough. I was told that I would have a TOE but didn't.

Take some food like bananas with you as their food is iffy. Take Vaseline for dry lips and line up everything you might need within easy reach for access whilst you're lying flat out after the procedure.

The on- going problem, post ablation, is fatigue. It comes and goes but you will have to learn to pace yourself.

Best wishes, good luck and please let us know how you get on.


You will be fine. Nobody has yet told me I'm a liar.




As l started to write saw Jennydog had beat me to the post....

You have nothing to fear the GA took some time to leave my system and a few weird hallucinations (but having said that l always have had a vivid imagination)

The Vasaline is a good tip (thanks jennydog for that one)

I was so scared prior to my Ablation two weeks ago that l was talking to my pals as if it was my last day on earth...Even giving one my very very favourite pashima just because,well just because l thought l would not need it were l was going...(that reminds me must get it back from her today)

Be thinking of you on Monday...

Carol x


Thanks all so much it really does help , will let you know how I get

on. By the way I havent heard from anyone who has had their ablation

done at LGI by Dr Lee Graham, or may have missed it, would be

interesting (only if its good news) only joking thanks again xx


I don't think that you should worry about who leads the team which does your ablation. As well as the Consultant there will be a Registrar and lots of other people. Caromia's ablation took 5 hours, mine took 3. Surely one man isn't going to do this work for 5hrs without a break. They altered the running order and the team on the morning of my ablation due to an emergency so I had an EP that I had never heard about. I have since sent him a card to thank him for his kindness and great skill.


Where did you stay in Corfu? Did you visit Paleocastritsa, Sidari, Corfu town? It's 30 years since I was there now. We hired a pedalo one day, and I lost my wallet over the side! We pedalled it out of Garitsa bay and round Pontikonisi, and then nearly couldn't get back heading into the current. The daft things you do when you're on holiday!

I have a picture somewhere of a little old lady giving my girlfriend a posy of flowers, taken on their balcony in a little village up in the mountains.


Shirleygirly its fine. Yes your knees will knock but just put yourself in their capable hands. Wow lovely Corfu! Keep meaning to visit there perhaps after my 2nd ablation at the end of September I will book a hol there! I'm worried too for my 2nd ablation but the benefits by far outweigh the fear factor! You'll go to the Cath lab probably have a laugh with the techies there meet a very reassuring nurse, lie down and the next thing you'll be gone and then back in your bed in no time. It still feels odd to think I was out for 4 hours!


Shirlygirly, try not to worry too much -- hard I know. Have to admit that the TOE frightened me more than the procedure as I have a very strong gag reflex. It is over very quickly & you are normally given an anaesthetic spray in your throat & a bit of sedation. No one will say it is a pleasant experience but just tell yourself how vital this is to ensure that there are no clots lurking. I have had 3 -- 2 prior to ablations with sedation & the 3rd one done while I was ' under' for GA ablation so obviously I knew nothing about this.

I recall going up to London on the train for my first ablation saying to my husband ' I can't believe I'm doing this ! ' I found it difficult to make the decision & was quite a reluctant patient.

It's a great feeling when it's all over -- look forward to that & tell us all about it!

All the best for Monday

Sandra x


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