Lying down giving me af?

Is lying down giving me af, I'm ok all day at work then last thing at night I get the odd eptopic beat but nothing to worry about, I go to bed then sleep but every morning I wake up I get fluttters then jump into af lasting 5min or 1hr whilst lying down so I need to get up and walk about hopefully to take it away. It's just over 4mths since my ablation I thought it would be gone by now, it's really getting me down! Does anyone else get this?????

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  • The first symptom I noticed, years before the onset of any others, was palpitations for a few minutes just after I got into bed, more prevalent after a day with exercise.

  • It's murder!

  • I was talking to the nurse yesterday about this and she agreed it was because the chest wall presses in your heart when you lie down

    Have you tried sleeping with more pillows and try and lie so that nothing is pressing on your heart!

  • Hi Rosyg. I find that I can't lie on my left side for long if I do I feel really awful so I always sleep on my left side with two pillows which I find is ok.. Take care Sann

  • Sorry meant sleep on my right brain fuddled at the mo,trying to do two things at once Sann

  • Ditto here, until I was on the drugs I'm on now, I had to lie on my right otherwise my ticker would start jigging around. Sometimes I could lie on my back, but best on my right. My wife wasn't happy about this because I have the left side of the bed and I love garlic :-(

  • I think your heart can get to the stage where it becomes incredibly sensitive to almost any disturbance at all. I was reading some research recently which mentioned that EPs have found that they can sometimes trigger an episode just by tickling the inside of the atrium with the tip of the catheter.

    The other day I was tempted to wonder whether one of my episodes was triggered by a yawn, but it might have just been coincidence.

  • might well have been the yawn as vagus nerve runs throughout!

  • I still wake up from REM sleep with my heart banging away and when I take a couple of breaths the heart goes back to normal now this is either the chest pressing thing or sleep apnea speaking for myself of course but I will be asking these questions at my reviews and making a note of them in a diary I've been given.

  • Yes!!!3 months ago I was like you,always slept on two pillows,most of my episodes are late evening not long after I lie down or wake up with AF in the night.

    Now sleep on 3 pillows,4 if I'm reading in bed first,no episodes since,touch


    I place the first pillow flat about 3ins from headboard,so this supports my

    Shoulders,then remaining pillows again, flat to headboard,hope this helps.

    I've had Paroxysmal AF for 16 years,now on Flecainide as "Pill in Pocket"

    To use only when I have an episode,prescribed 300mg as a dose,works

    a treat for me,back in rhythm 40mins to 2hrs,reassured by Cardiologist,if episode goes to 8hrs go to A&E,if during the night or, if daytime,GP to phone AF clinic and book me in,I will always be seen,if I'm concerned.

    Hope you keep well.


    PS. Once an episode is over,I never think about it until the next time,this works for me.

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