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Coming if Meds

Hello I have been on flecinide and bisoprolol since my ablation in jan , I have been told to wean myself of , but I stopped flecinide in eve for one week and carried on taking morning one with bisoprolol , but now get ectopic beats been told not to worry they are fine . Has anyone else experienced this problem with coming of Meds , from mon onwards I need to try wean of others , but iam very worried any advice would be grateful , thankyou also what's best way to wean off Meds ?

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See reply to your other post.


Hi duckpopper,I was only on bisoprolol (2.5) and tried to come off them 1.5 for 2 weeks but felt awful after 4 days of being off them so I went back on 1.5 for a month then I had half a pill for one week and have been off them now for 2 months and have been fine,The trick is not to rush it and you should be fine.Altogether i was on bisoprolol for 16 months before I came off them.


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