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Cardio version

Had my DC cardio version on Wednesday . Nothing to it. Went in at 0730, INR ECG done , put to sleep for 15 mins, 1 shock later and I'm back in NSR. But for how long ? And how will I know when / if I revert ? I'm in PAF so I've never felt any episodes of the kind I read on the forums. And I feel exactly the same as I did before the procedure ! Absolutely fine. I have a very weak pulse and can hardly feel it, so what can I expect if I fall out of NSR ? Apart from the fact my blood pressure is a bit low and I've been told to drink lots more water and taken off digoxin, I'm still on 5 other drugs inc warfarin.


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CV can work very well for some people and is one of the safest procedures to sort out the jazz heart. I am also one of those that was not aware all of the time that it was in a wobble. I seem to be more fatigued for some days and that is my indicator. Make sure you get the liquid intake up it can only be good for you.

I would love to be on 5 scripts, I am on 15 now but I do have multiple problems.

Be Well


I didn't have symptoms - nurse noticed AF checking BP on routine check up.

Had successfully reverted to NSR after electro cardioversion and so put on aspirin .........

After about - year or so I was feeling a bit short of breath but normal as have Astma. For some reason I decided to feel pulse and yes AF back, how long for god knows.

My worry was no anticoagulant for how long ?

Upshot is am diagnosed permanent AF and on long term warfarin.

I would hate to think anyone on aspirin when chance of symptomless AF may return at any time after cardioversion


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