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I had an ablation in November 2013 and just had a 24 hr monitor which picked up an episode of AF. I was unaware it was happening. Last month I picked up an abnormal rhythm/fast HB on my alivecor machine so looks like AF is back. EP wants to do 2nd ablation but acknowledges that if I only had one or two a year it might be better to wait and see. I have decided to give myself 3 months and monitor myself carefully and then make decision. I had another episode a couple of days later. I will probably go for 2nd one but was disappointed even though it was not unexpected.

What would you do?

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  • Oh what a shame. I was just looking through posts from a year ago and saw one of yours about your impending ablation when lo and behold your new post appeared! Sorry things have taken a downturn but think you are right to take your EPs advice about waiting a while to see.

    Have you been well since your procedure which I seem to recall was at St Thomas (could be wrong). Are you on any AF meds at the moment.

    Hope things settle down for you.


  • Thanks Dee.

    I have been very well since procedure. However I had noticed times when I was a bit breathless so maybe breakthrough episodes were occurring. I am on warfarin but no other meds.


  • Ps. Yes it was St Thomas'

  • Hello Marie and sorry things have take a turn for the worst. I do think it important to understand that ablation is part of an ongoing treatment strategy and many people will need repeat procedures. Few are lucky enough to be "cured" first time and as we discuss here many times long term data past five years is sparse. If your EP says go for it and feels he can sort you out then do. I needed three but then my first actually made things worse to start with and my second lasted 9 months so I had about a year between all my three. I would do it all again if needed so for me it is a no bainer.

    Sounds like your plan is good but don't wait too long as you may find the waiting list adds a lot of months to your decision.

    Good luck


  • Thanks for reply BobD. I do agree with you and I will not delay too long. The EP was very honest - said on a professional level they would want to go in there and "finish the job". However, he then said if it was him he would probably wait as ablation is about relief of symptoms. So I said I would was it 3 months and use alivecor to do lots of checks.

    He was impressed by alivecor by the way.

    I was well aware that the first ablation was unlikely to do the job but of course one hopes..

    Anyway, not the end of the world and I am lucky to have an ep who understands. Marie

  • Having a 2nd is quite normal from what I know. I've had two, 8 years apart, but with the second one they couldn't do anything because the AF just disappeared and they couldn't even stimulate it. So back on drugs now which aren't giving me any problems I know of. Third ablation due sometime in the next few years me thinks, hope so anyhow.

    Good luck.


  • Sorry that you are not currently as well as hoped.

    I had a second ablation in March and am really pleased with the way things are now. I am regretting not having it before because I am so much better than I was and my medication has been reduced. I would certainly get on a waiting list - you can always postpone if you feel things are good enough.

  • Thanks Koll and Rellim.

    I really know that I will go ahead. I think I just wanted to get some input.

    As I said earlier I always knew it was likely so just getting my head round it.

  • Get in there go for the second one so they can repair the gaps you may have developed in your ablation lines. I had my first 17 days ago but having my second in around 6-8 weeks time because Im on a trial! Even if its just to let the EP go in and take a look you've got nothing to lose.

  • Hi Loo53

    I have been following your progress and good luck in your journey.

    Thank you for your input and support.


  • Sorry to hear that the beast is back,, Lallym. I would take advise from my EP, but personally, if it decides to re-visit me as I'm sure it will, I'd definitely go for another ablation.

  • Thanks for reply and yes, I am pretty sure I will. Just taking a little time to get back on the horse!!


  • Thanks for reply and yes, I am pretty sure I will. Just taking a little time to get back on the horse!!


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