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Life Cover

Does anyone have anything about life cover for someone with AF, I've extended mortgate and Pru-protect have taken nearly 8 weeks to tell me applying a 165% loading and will not cover serious illness. I declared everything prior to taking out. I have yet to see justification letter sent to Dr. Just wondered whether there is some where that will cover me and my wife who had Breast Cancer 3 yrs ago. I suppose the free holiday to the States is probably a complete no-no!

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The biggest problem I found was computers. Everything is tick boxes and once you tick "heart" the machine goes "tilt"! I'm not sure what the answer it but I have no current life cover since I had prostate cancer three years ago. They tell me that if I have no symptoms for five years they may cover me. Only alternative is the over fifty plans which are a bit of a joke. I don't wan't a carriage clock or a Parker pen anyway.



I got cover through LV but it wasn't cheap. I would have to check but the monthly cost is a heck of a lot more than if I didn't have this...


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