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Hi have just read the post from a couple of days ago re MSG ..

I react badley to this also....

I wanted to add that many processed foods contain MSG under the ingredients as E621... Over the years manufacturers have got better in leaving it out..But do check the ingredients list in the supermarket before you purchase...

Symptoms can be shortness of breath..rapid heart beat..palpitations.....sweating....terrible headaches.++++!

Many people ( myself included ) have had fast trips to a A&E with heart attack symptoms ....

Hope this might be of help x

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Thanks Donna keeping my eyes peeled every shopping trip. Glutamate an amino acid can occur naturally in some foods. I was also looking at a jar of peanut butter that had Palm oil in it and I heared that is also not good but not sure quite where or when I had a heads up about that and why !:-D


I mentioned on that other thread about MSG being in processed foods and I think if we knew how many items it is slipped into, disguised under numbers, we would be amazed just how widespread it is used.

I have always been wary of this stuff as it always gives me horrendous headaches.






It's called MSG....monasodium glutamate.....OR E621...


Some examples found on the t'internet...some sausages, flavoured Pringles / crisps, sauces, pork scratchings, soups, salad creams, some chocolate, some muesli, some yogurts, cottage cheese, bacon, ham, canned tuna and even baby food.. Way way to many ordinary everyday products to list.

Apparently it easily passes to the brain and alledgly is linked to parkinsons and other brain conditions.

Essentially a clever flavour enhancing product that fools our taste buds.


Hi Donna, it was most likely I raised this a few months ago, after doing a comprehensive food analysis for over 1 year, there are many foods with MSG621 mine was in packet soup mostly.

Was diagnosed with IBS a few months ago after trying to convince my doctors some foods had started my Arrhythmia, since then other foods have been identified now and I have had no episodes since early March.


Hi, I would be interested to read your list of foods or additives to avoid.




Fascinating... I guess that is Chinese food out of the window then!


Depends on the cuisine, fine dining Chinese is normally ok but avoid the local take away!


Afraid ours is a little takeaway! You can actually see the MSG floating in the air... Now I just fancy a really good Chinese meal *sigh*



I think of the 5 or 6 chinese takeaways local to here, at least 4 have got "MSG Free" on their menus.

I thought most had got rid of it now, as there was a really big fuss about some time ago, certainly here in the "Smoke"



I will ask Ian - no harm in asking! Even here in deepest, darkest North Wales there's a chance :)


As mentioned previously on this forum I am now following a 'FODMAP' Diet, you can check this out on a site I must stress that I am not on any co-agulation at the moment. I have done this for Arrhythmia symptoms which coincide with stomach symptoms only.

Everyone is different even on this diet so you will need to keep your own food diary, which I am now doing under the guidance of a Dietitian for the past 3 months. It has been absolutely amazing for me. Basically Gluten Free with no added MSG foods especially 621.

Onion and cabbage I have now eliminated altogether and for some reason fermented foods with too much vinegar seems to be a bit of a problem also. I have added some supplements one being "IBS Support" which you can pick up from any chemist, this contains Lactobacillus plantarum (299v) You will need to find out what types of sugars that could effect you but this is a good guide to start with, and would be better still if you can do this with the help of a dietitian.

Good luck

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I would just add that MSG is in a lot of food seasonings and table sauces etc so check ingredients. My hubby hates shopping with me because I have to read all the ingredients before I will buy anything!

Also always avoid anything with maize starch in it.


Had a quick google here - am I right in thinking maize startch might also be corn flour? The sort I use (or perhaps used to use) to make sweet and sour sauce?


Depends on where you live Rellim296 Cornflour in Australia is wheat based.

There is a gluten free flour either plain or self raising that you can use, just recently bought some gluten free gravy mix which I used as a thickener for my home made soup, a bit too early to tell yet but seems ok. Rice flour is ok to use but I haven't tried it yet. I also use Gluten Free soy sauce occasionally, to give it a bit of a bite.


Thanks for that. Arrowroot is a thickener too, but no idea about its origins.


Thanks, unfortunately, Arrowroot is one of the other offending foods for me:- that is the Arrowroot in Gluten Free biscuits!

keep well and enjoy your eats.


Oh, pity. I haven't had any in my kitchen cupboard for years - one of those things you bought for some recipe and find when you're clearing out a cupboard and the best before date is long gone.

I'm finding I go round the supermarket and I don't buy half the things I used to!


I don't think it is exactly the same but not sure. I now use either rice flour or potato flour for thickening sauces.


I haven't eaten a Chinese take away in years, the msg kept me up all night with a raging thirst an indigestion , and after being diagnosed with a fib I've cut out curry take aways as well. If I want one , I'll cook it from scratch so I know what goes into it. When I had a stroke I was advised to cut out salt caffeine all processed food . And Lower my fat and sugar levels. I can't consume any sauces of any kind, because of the additives etc. tin soup is a no no. Oxo cubes contain salt !, the list is endless. But I don't miss them as my taste buds changed after my stroke and the only thing I miss is fresh bread ! But that's a no because of the salt level ! thank goodness I'm not addicted to chocolate , caffeine in that ! So it's lots of fish poultry veg and fruit ! And the odd glass of wine , we laugh that it's 1 of my 5 a day !



Yes I've started to cook curry from scratch too mmm much more yummy no more chip shop sh*"'! for me!


Yes I agree. MSG is one of my triggers.


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