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Could I be cheeky and use this forum to contact our American members to ask them if they have any knowledge of the procedure of injecting a synthetic synovial fluid as an alternative to a hip replacement.

This treatment seems to be only on offer at a Harley Street practice in this country but apparently is widely used in America. For a walk-in,walk-out session with an ultrasound radiologist you hope to have up to a year pain free movement.

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I've heard of injecting hyaluronic acid into knee joints to give relief from arthritis. I was thinking of mentioning it to our GP to see what the reaction might be... Sounds similar (Wales here, not US!)



Sounds interesting. Does anyone have any more information about this procedure?


Funnily enough my wife (a GP) mentioned this to me yesterday. I have mild arthritis in one knee though I have been doing specific leg exercises which have helped.

There is a substance called Durolane which can be injected into the knee (or hip) and it helps restore the shock absorbing and lubricating properties of the joint. See:

Click in "What is Durolane" for more details, also the patient information download.

It is used to treat mild to moderate OA. Apparently it is very effective and has been recommended for a neighbour. It can be injected by a doctor taking only 10-15 minutes. It is also available on the NHS! However each injection costs about £200 so expect some resistance!

I don't think I'm at that stage yet, exercises help me and I can do what I want, long bike rides, hiking etc. but it's good to know there's an alternative to a knee replacement when/if the time comes.



That sounds like a bargain in NHS terms. I had to have an MRI scan and because I am allergic to iodine they used 2 bags of something else at £500 a bag!

I take Co-Codamol 30 for my pain so over the year that would save nearly £100 a year in prescription charges and to be pain free for a year is priceless!

Be Well


Thank-you. I will certainly investigate all possibilities before deciding. My GP has suggested a 'resurfacing' procedure. I am doing pilates which has sorted the knees and helps manage the hip pain. Problem is an effective distraction from AF. Thanks for reply.



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