Hi all,Came off bisoprolol 8 weeks ago sorted out my meds for my hernia been making my own veg and fruit drinks and in general feeling really good,even after 2 years got back on my bike and doing a few weights then on Saturday night thought i,d treat myself to a choc bar,so had a walnut whip,with in 30 mins started feeling awful went to bed and still felt not too good in the morning now slowly getting better,so the sad news is it looks like chocs are a trigger and not as I hoped brussel sprouts,thats life.

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  • Isn't life cruel!

    The same happens to me if I eat chocolate, sweets or cake. I'm so scared I don't have them at all now, probably been 2 months since last had any. The sad news is I haven't lost any weight! How can that be? I have to admit I've substituted the goodies with healthy (but fattening) mixed nuts!

    Hope you are soon feeling well again.


  • Thanks jeanjeannie,You,ll have to get a bike like me,ha ha.

  • I've had so many triggers over the past two months I'm struggling for foods to eat and liquids to drink :) However, I'm still OK with Chocolate (Thank God), but I struggle with chilled drinks, so currently drink lukewarm water. A large meal has set me off, but so has walking, weights in the gym and the morning after too many beers the night before. Fortunately (For me) I only really suffer from an erratic pulse and have to calm down on the exercise. Hopefully chocolate is your only trigger and other than missing out on the Walnut Whips, you will have an AF free life :)

  • Hi jason,Moderation in everything you do and eat seems to be the key,and i,ve changed from beer to cider and things seem better.

  • Moderation is the key, but how much is moderation :) Anyhow the past 5 weeks I have really watched everything to the Nth degree, but this hasn't made a difference to my attacks. Still on the plus side I have lost over 8 pounds by just eating properly. Every cloud and all that :)

  • Ironically after what seems like a continual attack lasting days I took some fruit juice straight from the fridge to drink at bedtime. I have never drunk straight from the fridge as I hate cold things. Thought nothing of it. Woke up clear of AF. The feeling was amazing, made me realise just how bad I had been feeling.

    Had 4 hrs AF free, before .....something.... Started me off again.

    So After another wasted day not functioning, I drank chilled water from fridge before bed again and it stopped it again !

    No rhyme or reason !

    Like Jason I I can't identify triggers, seems to be everything and anything, Random.

    One thing that guarantees AF is when I sit or lay. It seems the minute I stop ' using ' my heart I go into AF. But I can't stay upright doing something all the time as I get dizzy which forces me to sit again. Vicious circle. Is exhausting

  • Interesting that cold drinks stopped it. I'll try that - anything's worth a try!

  • I can't explain it either. And to be fair it might still be a fluke but... I have now loaded the fridge with bottles of water lol. Once chilled I shall try during the day to prove / disprove as my AF has returned. Only things I have done are... Get up, put kettle on, go to bathroom, and fed the dogs. Hmmm wonder which is the trigger out of that lot ?! Humph.....

  • I've stopped AF by drinking an iced drink immediately after a hot one. I assume it gives the heart a surprise and it forgets its silly rhythm.

    Or perhaps AF just stopped shortly after I did that!

  • I drank water straight from the fridge yesterday and had a good night heart wise there could be something in it ! But I'd also reduced my dose of Flecanide back to 100 mgs so perhaps that may have been it :-D

  • Please let us know how it goes

  • I avoid alcohol and caffeine but have given up worrying about triggers. I've monitored it for a year and there doesn't seem to be any pattern, stress doesn't help, alcohol and caffeine set me off but apart from that I can't pinpoint many triggers. If I knocked off everything I'd be dead from starvation and thirst!

  • Hi - I haven't been able to eat chocs for a few years now as it became apparent that was one of my triggers. That, and alcohol. Also if I have anything too sugary (like a slice of cake). Oh if only it were the sprouts, boiled cabbage etc!

  • Hi anneliz,why is it that only the good things cause the triggers,life,s just not fair is it.The one good thing is I can still have a wine at weekends.

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