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Flecainide and overheating

Why did no medic tell me that flecainide can interfere with the body's cooling system . Couldn't understand why I was overheating here in Turkey until I did some thinking and realised the only thing different from last. holiday was that I was taking flecainide. I googled flecainide and overheating and sure enough it can prevent the our cooling systems from working properly no wonder I felt unwell. just thought I'd share info.

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Interesting I wondered why I was permanently hot even after a shower I get to work feeling sweaty....I know its about 40C in Turkey at the moment....


Don't take flec but I am on hormones which give me hot flushes par excellence. Phew!



I suppose due to the prostate? years ago their was a great article written by a man in the New York Times. fabulous article I'll find it if you like?!

Someone once told me to think of hot flashes as-

your inner child.... playing with matches!

ever since made me laugh!

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Yes last implant will be late August and then we see if psa stays down. which it WILL!


keep us posted Bob!

your attitude will pull you through !


good info- now I know why my hot flashes have increased on flecainide! hope the knowledge at least helps! enjoy your vacation!


Interesting! I am on 2 X 100 Flecainide and easily get overheated/overcold.



I found that I started re-experiencing frequent hot flushes and night sweats on Bisoprolol too, which was very upsetting as they had by and large disappeared after suffering them for a few years in early menopause.


We endure due to AF lol


Well, I'm astonished! I too have been having what felt like hot flushes recently, and I get quite sticky sometimes. Guess what.....I am now on flecainide! I never even thought about that. Thanks for info Suzie.



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