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Eagerly awaited guidance from NICE


The National Institute of Health and Care Excellence (NICE) has today issued the first clinical guideline on the management of AF in eight years, with important implications for AF care and treatment.

Find out what this means for you by visiting our website afa.org.uk and having a look at our new portal 'Care AF' - developed to support you through treatment: careaf.org

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Hi Administrator, I suggest you check the website as there seems to be a problem (on my computer at least) with the printing. White on colour is getting lost as if on an old fashioned typewriter the ribbon was old.. Makes it very hard to read.


AFAssociation1 in reply to BobD

Thanks Bob for highlighting this. I hope that it will be rectified shortly.


I think the new careaf website is great and a really good idea, (I do agree with Bob about the font colour however and have told them already)

I am really happy to have worked with the very professional team who put this all together and the AF team, and have my story on there, and yes that really is me looking fat although I understand film adds 20 lbs (it wouldn't have made any difference)

I think the diary is a great idea, not sure about recording INR readings in there, as dentists, pharmacists and GPs still want yellow booklets so might be a duplication, but the rest is really good.

And I am particularly pleased with the new patient pack which I think is a great idea for people on diagnosis, it will really help.

(Now if only I had worn baggier clothing and got the Dog groomed first :) )



I thought the camera only added half a stone Ian. Lol know how you feel though just seen myself on channel 5 News.


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