Aspirin and atrial fibrillation

Hi all

Channel 5 News are looking to interview someone with AF who is currently prescribed aspirin. If this applies to you or anyone that you know, please call Jaqui Fuller at Channel 5 News as soon as possible on 02070982866. They would like to film with you tomorrow and can do this at a place that is convenient to you. Please get in touch.

I am meeting up with them tomorrow but they would like someone else as well.



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  • Is there really people with AF just on aspirin!?

  • Actrually, I wasn't on anything at all for two and a half years after my first ablation. Just flecainide and blood pressure meds. No aspirin. Neither the consultant nor my GP suggested anticoagulation.

  • Depends on how much at risk you are considered to be whether anticoagulants are recommended. But yes unfortunately there are people who are on aspirin because the drs have put them on it


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