I,ve noticed over the last few weeks (which I tend to agree with) that people think that AF and digestion are linked,Pro-biotics were

mentioned the other day again,and i,ve noticed people tend to have ulcers,, IBS,,etc and the thought is sort out digestion and this will help the AF.With this in mind(I have AF and had ablation last August)plus i have an ulcer,so after having a so called successful ablation and still feeling not to good 10 months on(bloating,, ectopics,,funny feelings in chest)started looking for natural remedies and found that the best thing for stomach problems is cabbage juice(not the best tasting drink to have)but started having half a cup before my evening meal 2 weeks ago and the difference is fantastic.I went out Friday night had 4 course Italian swilled down with 2 pints of cider and Sunday had a lovely home cooked chicken and chillie dish with 4 veg and 2 glasses of wine,No bloating no ectopics almost feel completely normal which I havn,t felt for 2 years,Just to mention I,m not an alcoholic just felt so good i give it a try,Might be coincidental but if it is the cabbage juice it might be worth giving it a try.Just thought i,d post this hoping it might help somone

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  • Hi! Can,t help feeling that you have just been lucky, having got through that much!...........

  • I agree with you about cabbage and it's curative properties. Terjo

  • You are quite right in trying to sort out your own digestive inbalances, as only you know what helps with this. The only comment I would make is that for people with IBS, Cabbage may be a bit too strong for a curative approach, I have personally tried this and ended up with diahrrhea. I am doing the Fodmap diet at the moment, which approaches Cabbage with caution (unfortunately). Even the Fodmap diet is not foolproof, but if any form of diet or food that brings about a welcome relief, then its great for you and your ulcer. I am not on Warfarin so this means I can try various natural resources including food. Enjoyment of food in good company is a curative all of its own, and am really glad you had a great Friday night.

  • Hi ultramarine,Must say I only have half a cup per day any more could give you diarrhea or stomach cramps but again today feeling great.Thanks for your reply.

  • That's interesting re the cabbage juice, I have digestive problems as well as AF and I'm going through quite a bad period with it right now. Do you make your own in a juicer?

  • Hi jeanjeannie50,Yes I,ve tried cabbage with carrot first week then added beetroot second week(not very tasty those two)and this week cabbage and apple bit more pallatable.Just put half a cabbage with one apple and fill with boiling water blend for one minuite let it cool,strain,then put in fridge over night.Only have half a cup per day to much could give you stomach cramp.Might just be lucky or coincidental but feeling great again today.If you do try it give it two weeks to work.good luck with your digestive problems

  • Made some cabbage juice an hour or so ago, now letting it cool. Do I have to wait until the morning until I can drink some?

  • I would suggest you look into the heart health benefits of beetroot juice, it is highly alkaline and can balance excess acidity in your diet. I am post ablation and have 2 small glasses per day, which seems to help.

  • Hi flyfisher, do you cook your own beetroot or is there another way other than tinned (can't take vineger)?

  • my wife buys vacuum packed, pre-cooked beetroot in packs of 6 and puts them in the blender with water to achieve the consistency of a smoothie.

  • OK thanks flyfisher will check these out

  • Has anyone else read Dr Sarah Underhill's theories re digestion? She says that we need an acid stomach and an alkaline gut. Different foods affect the acidity of both and when the stomach becomes more alkaline, which it does when you eat bread for instance, it fails to empty fully and fermentation occurs and it is this process which gives you acid reflux. She suggest you cut carbohydrates, especially at breakfast, so no more cereals or toast! I have started to do this, still eat whole meal bread, but very much smaller quantities at lunch only and am much more comfortable.

    This so fits with my experience. The gut requires alkalinity for fermentation to digest fibrous green veg so maybe the cabbage juice is affecting this whole process? Bear in mind that taking as a juice will remove the fibrous content so I wonder if there is an enzyme in cabbage which is helpful for some, although obviously not everyone.

  • Hi CDreamer,It says when you juice cabbage it contains L-glutamine and gefarnate(don,t ask me)which is supposed to protect the stomach lining which helps with the digestion and hopefully gives the ulcer time to heal

  • And L-glutamine is a protein available in supplement form which body builders and the like use and a supplement which some advocate for AF, interesting isn't it?

  • Can't find her in Google CDreamer?

  • Thankyou so much, it's a very informative site, I am already under a Gastroenterologist and have had comprehensive tests done, which I can't make sense of - this may help me to ask more questions when I see him next month. The Fodmap diet advocates Gluten Free Bread which I have had for 4 months now and other foods are still a work in progress, but so far has definitely reduced the Arrhythmia in frequency and length

  • I was staying pretty regular but with a few indigestion and digestion problems so thought I'd give Danone's Actimel a try. Now bound up like a constipated duck - so that didn't help!

  • Hi Dadog1 regular as clockwork since I,ve been on cabbage juice but I don,t over do it half a cup a day only before my evening meal

  • Hi Dadog I can truly recommend organic apple cider vinegar it keeps you regular if you take it before meals if you look it up on the net you will see its good for many problems.if you are Onwarfarin be sure to watch inr because it's a blood thinner too.

  • Why oh why is there no chocolate diet, she asks plaintively... One question, would cabbage juice affect your INR if you were on warfarin (it being a leafy green vegetable, and all)?


  • Eatsalottie, have you tried Carob and ginger chocolates or Carob and buckwheat crispbread - maybe check the ginger with your Warfarin first - pretty close to a chocolate but not as creamy and it does satisfy that longing.

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